How to evict professional tenant?

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    Originally posted by CharlesRiver View Post

    Thanks for pointing out this. I thought the eviction specialist could represent me in the court.
    If it's Mr Shamplina, I believe he is a solicitor.
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      Thank you for your advice jpkeates . The tenant told me that he is well-educated especially in law. He said he has sued a few landlords before and he knows the procedures. He said he will have very expensive solicitor to work for him.

      I think he will show up, because his target is 30K from me.

      I will be there.


        Originally posted by JK0 View Post

        If it's Mr Shamplina, I believe he is a solicitor.
        Thank you JK0 . I will ask if Mr Shamplina could represent me.



          The tenant sounds like a delusional bampot. How is he going to afford a very expensive solicitor?

          Do you know if the council in which the rental property is located has landlord licensing? I’m trying to figure out where he’s getting this £30k figure from.



            Thanks for your question. There is no need to get the landlord licensing from the council of my property is located.

            The tenant said my house has been in disrepair the first day when he moved in and caused his family health issues, so he needs me to compensate for all he has been experienced.

            The problem is that he changed his phone number quickly after he moved in, and never responded to my mails. He declined the access of my representative to view the status of the house and refused to leave in the past few years. I don't understand his logic at all. If the house status were really bad, shouldn't he have had run away immediately, or left after the first fixed-term tenancy ended? By the way, he plans to stay in my house for two more years for free, because he said his previous landlord took two years to fight with him in the court, and he won. He has young children.


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