Question re 18yr old daughter just moved into illegal premises

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    Question re 18yr old daughter just moved into illegal premises

    Hi, am looking for some advice on an unscrupulous landlord (I am a landlady myself!!!!).

    My 18 yr old daughter and i were not getting along and it was agreed that she should live in a shared house in the city (we live in country). So, I put finding private rented accommodation in the hands of her father (my ex-husband) - what a mistake! They found accommodation (too quickly for my liking - no references/credit checks/guarantor not asked for, which alarmed me that the landlady would take on anyone and some could be unsavoury characters!) Daughter moved in 3 days ago. I viewed it on day 2. I was horrified! Aside from it being horrible, when I saw the paperwork and lack of paperwork, I felt very uncomfortable, gut feeling and all that.

    The house should have had a multiple occupancy licence - it doesn't (I have checked with the Local Council and reported it). My daughter had no sight of gas certificate, etc.... She wasnt given instructions on fire precautions/facilities (re. alarms, fire escape route, etc). It goes on......

    As a consequence of this and her not having hot water, the kitchen smelling foul, the front door being left open at night, the lanlady putting 3 notes through her door stating that she could only have a friend once a fortnight to her house and not to play loud music (fair enough to the last bit, but I felt that it amounts to harrasment!) So, I have pulled her out.

    The landlady has gone to America til the end of the month. I rung her husband to say that my daughter didn't feel safe in the house and was about to tell him that she was leaving and we would want our money back. However. English was not his first language and it was difficult to communicate. I was trying the softly softly approach initially before I went in with all guns blazing, i.e. "hang on mate, you are breaking the law and I want my money back". However, he put the phone down on me and refused to answer the phone when I rang up again.

    I am going to put this in writing to them and send by recorded delivery on Monday. I am also going to send a copy of the letter to my solicitor.

    Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.


    Did daughter never view property before moving in? And is tenancy in her name, yours, or her father's?
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      Viewing of property

      Yes, my daughter did go to see the property. However, she is rather naive/young in some ways and I relied on her father (mistake!) to use his adult judgement - and he is a police officer for god's sake! I can't believe that I, who can be a bit of a control freak(!), let them get on with it because of my r'ship with my daughter (volatile)!

      So, I have now taken over by getting her out of the accommodation, attempting to find her safe accommodation and have written to landlady asking for money back (stating she is compromising my daughter's safety by breaking the law because there is no HMO, the fact that my daughter didn't have sight of gas certificates, wasn't told about fire safety procedures, electrical checks on equipment, etc). This morning she went back there to get changed before work (all her stuff is still there) and she was locked in her room. She had to ring her father (policeman on duty), throw keys out of the window to him and he had to open her door from outside. He also tested the shower and confirmed that it did not work. (Hope he realises now that if he wasn't so keen to just get her any old room and he had guided her in her choice, this wouldn't be happening. Hope the man has some shame!).

      I have already reported the landlady to my Local Council who have passed it on to the investigating officer of the Licence Department.


        What a horrible scenario!

        I'd be interested in getting the name of the landlady - I'm helping to build a blacklist, and it sounds like she should definitely be on it!
        Rob Best



          I'd be happy to talk to you off the forum. I guess I must be careful re. libel (hey, she could be a landlady on here!). Regards.


            Originally posted by davann45 View Post
            I'd be happy to talk to you off the forum. I guess I must be careful re. libel (hey, she could be a landlady on here!). Regards.
            That's something RobBest might need to consider also, blacklists get mentioned often here and people generally post a list of problems with the idea. Sorry to side-track.
            I also post as Moderator2 when moderating


              Yes, off-forum would be best, for sure!

              As for the black list, worry not! We know what we're doing, we know the issues, and we're handling it very carefully. Bad landlords and bad tenants can't keep getting away with the same sh*t year after year, just because there are libel laws!

              Rob Best


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