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    I had a productive call with the landlord this afternoon. I got a bit more understanding about what happened. The first plumber that came said they'd have to take the whole boiler off which was going to cost a fortune so she got someone else in who was able to sort it by removing more plasterboard. I didn't get any more explanation of why it took a long time, but I did get a good sense that she was doing her best to get it sorted out at a reasonable cost by hiring a reputable plumber.

    Talking on the phone resolved a lot of the frustration I had at her poor and delayed communication and I understood where she was coming from. Moral of the story is that email can easily lead to negative assumptions and a quick call can iron a lot of things out. I can't say I'm happy about the cost but I also have no real reason now to challenge it either.

    There are still a couple of deductions proposed about rent arrears and commission liability which she's said Foxtons told her to do and she doesn't understand (frustrating as it's her responsibility, but there you go), which are a lot more cut and dried as we gave notice correctly, so I will just pay the plumber bill and challenge those on the foxton's online portal.

    Thanks to all who provided advice here.


      Originally posted by fpyards View Post
      Invoice 1 £72.50:
      Plumbing Diagnostic (this is all the detail of the invoice)

      Invoice 2 £420:
      Repair damaged 28mm copper pipe
      * Cut damaged section of copper pipe out
      * Replace new copper pipe section
      * Solder new connection
      * Test new pipe section integrity

      It always amuses me (one is amused, as the Lady of this weekend would say) when tradesmen invoice for simple jobs but write excessive detail to try and make the job sound more in-depth so as to justify over charging. They couldn’t possibly just invoice for ‘fixed leaking pipe’ when an extra 22 words can be squeezed out. However much you fluff it up it is still just mending a leaking pipe. Surprised he hasn’t added on the invoice, “carried tool box in from van, didn’t wipe feet, opened tool box, selected favourite tool (massive hammer), farted, twice, spent half the time on my phone making excuses to other customers about why they will have to wait until tomorrow (again)”. From the pics provided by the OP it is quite possible that this plumber didn’t need to open up such a large section of wall, but possibly did so, again to make the job look more involved. The irony being, the bigger the house destruction the happier the owner will be to pay a big invoice. Maybe the first plumber, Mr Diagnostics, was the one with the wrecking ball though. Again amused at the over complex sounding phrase ‘Plumbing Diagnostic’, I suppose “found a leaking pipe after tearing down half a wall” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Yes, my tongue is firmly in cheek in case any plumbers are looking to sue me 😊 The fact remains my plumber would have done that job likely for £50 + VAT (£75 + VAT tops) including wiping his feet.

      Plumbers often say it will be a big job because “the system will need draining down”. Yes, sticking a bit of hose pipe onto a radiator (or other drain point) twiddling apposable appendages for 10 mins whilst the water runs out, then pouring a bit of rust inhibitor in, turning on a tap and maybe then bleeding a couple of radiators, is such a massive job, is it? Newsflash, it’s not. And don’t get me started on tradesmen using the phone when I am paying them. If they are waiting 10 mins whilst the system drains down I want them to stand 6 inches from, and stare, at a blank wall. I am paying them for their time: my rules. Using the phone to talk to other customers in those 10 mins is not allowed unless I get 10 mins knocked off the bill. OK, I am not really that much of an **se, but I do have the semblance of a (slight) point, and I thought some light hearted banter for the Queen’s Jubilee was in order. I also do weddings and birthdays.

      All advice given by me is purely on the basis of being ‘in my opinion’: please check with the relevant professional before acting on it. If my advice saves you money, mine's a pint.


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