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    I think there's some date confusion above. If your 6 month fixed term tenancy began on 9 December, then it ends on 8 June. If you leave by midnight on that day then there will be no penalty or advance notice required. If you stay beyond this time a statutory periodic tenancy will arise. S5(5) of the housing act 1988 prevents you serving notice on 9 June so the fist day you can serve notice would be 10 June to expire on 8 or 9 August.


      That is right... my contract started on 09.12.2021 and it ends on 08.06.2022.
      The section 21 notice was served on 08.04.2022 (which in my option is less than 4 months since the start of the contract but I might be clearly biased here)

      I am a bit confused what the section 21 notice exactly means and what is required from me to do after receiving it ?
      Does it mean I have 2 months to move out and that's it ?
      Or I can serve my leaving notice on 10.06.2022 and leave 10.07.2022 ?



        Did the landlord/letting agency use Form 6A (it will say near the top if it is forum number 6A) as that first page contains information for the tenant.

        10th June 2022 to 10th July 2022 is not one month it is one month plus one day.


          As I said, your notice has to expire on 8th or 9th of a month and you have to leave by midnight on 8th. The tenth takes you over into the next month and the notice would then have to expire on 8th or 9th of the following month.


            It is Form 6A, it says so on top of the section 21 notice.

            "DPT57" I am getting confused here...
            Section 21 notice have been served on 08.04.2022.
            My contract expires on 08.06.2022, then automatically rolls into periodic tenancy.

            Does it mean I definitely have to leave on 08.06.2022 ? Or can I serve my notice on 10.06.2022 with intention of leaving on 09.07.2022 ?


              I'm not talking g about the s21 I'm talking about your notice to quit. Unless the contract says otherwise, a tenants ntq MUST expire on the last or first day of a tenancy period and they must leave by midnight on the last day. It must also be at least a month long. Serving notice on 10 June and leaving on 8 July is less than a month, so no, your notice would have to run until August.


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