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    Outside car park lighting

    Hi I am a resident in a shared accommodation block of 40 people and one of our car park lights is out of action
    our manager says this is service chargeable on our rent but we think the landlord should pay instead ,who is right please.

    What kind of contract do you have for the shared accomodation and what does it say about chargeable services?


      Yes, its a landlord expense. Pass the bill on to them.


        At the end of the day someone will have to pay for this, to keep costs down (especially if it just need a new bulb or tube light) it's cheaper and quicker to get this done yourself or by your LL, the management company will most likely charge more than the cost of the item to get it fixed. This cost will then be reflected in your rent increase. I would just replace the item (if that is the issue) inform the LL that you have done so.


          If you are a leaseholder - the landlord pays and you pay him back (via the service charge)

          What exactly is a "resident in a shared accommodation block"??


            Originally posted by Busman18 View Post
            our manager says this is service chargeable on our rent
            By which the manager can only mean that your rent already includes a service charge to cover such maintenance.

            If that is the case then you are already paying for the maintenance and it's just a question of getting the landlord (or his manager) to do what you have already paid for.


              As others have said, more info required. It is not clear from what you have said whether the relationship is tenant-landlord or leaseholder-freeholder.
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                Thanks both, the Section 21 checker was very helpful and I passed all the steps for my Section 21. I am pretty certain it is a valid Section 21.

                Has anyone had experiences with how easy it is to reclaim the possession costs from the tenant if they won? I know the court can claim the costs...
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                Hi all,

                I'm sure this has been answered before, but I'm having difficulty finding an answer using the search function.

                My tenant is currently on a statutory periodic tenancy.

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                A single parent with a young(ish) child is going to be a priority for housing long term, but she does seem to be in complete denial.

                Personally I think you get to be daft in your twenties, or until you have a child.
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                11-08-2022, 15:21 PM
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                My tenant was supposed to have left yesterday but she hasn't so this morning I posted my N325-eng form with the £130 for the bailiffs.

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                by NaomiB
                I was thinking that if it took three weeks for the court to send out the possession order, then they would probably take three weeks to get round to sending the warrant. The judge read the written evidence on 5 July but we didn't get it until 29 July. It's not the end of the world if there is a delay,...
                11-08-2022, 15:14 PM
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                I think there is a way of delegated service by taking an ad in a newspaper but I may be out of date. The question always is are we going to get paid by spending more in pursuing a tenant. The main thing is to get a bad tenant out
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                First post and straight in with a question! We had a CCJ against a bad tenant and can't enforce/ recover the debt because the person refuses to provide their address. The prior address was our property and the only correspondence address is her debt management company. I've looked at address tracing...
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              • Reply to Section 21 costs - who pays?
                by jpkeates
                The court will award the costs against whoever loses the case (unless something very weird has gone on), but you'll pay for the claim(s) and would have to recover them from the tenant.

                You can apply to the court the day after your notice expires.

                The key thing with a section...
                11-08-2022, 15:04 PM
              • Reply to Section 21 costs - who pays?
                by theartfullodger
                See what happens. Many tenants leave on simply being served or when court papers issued.

                Further, many s21 are invalid anyway : have you checked it with eg info from nearly legal or shelter?
                11-08-2022, 15:03 PM
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                by theartfullodger
                (Assuming lease written sensibly) he'd almost certainly need to relinquish his interests and right to lease. Difficult given what you say is diagnosis.

                I'd review with a Scottish solicitor expert in landlord/tenant law and family law (ie maybe not high street local office) What form...
                11-08-2022, 15:01 PM