Anti Social Neighbour and potential Vermin problem

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    Meeces can get through surprisingly small holes, about the diameter of a pencil. Young mice can fit through even smaller gaps.
    They can jump about 10 inches (240mm) high, and are good climbers.

    Once you understand that then you can see that there is not a lot a landlord can do to stop them getting in if they want to, there are only so many holes you can block.

    In this case it seems they are not being attracted into the property they are simply 'exploring' from next doors garden rubbish tip.
    If there is nothing for them to eat in the property then they won't stay and won't nest there.

    All you can do in those circumstances is make sure your food is rodent proof, eg, keep cereals, flour, sugar, etc. in glass/ceramic/metal containers (mice can gnaw through plastic containers) don't leave it in the cardboard/paper packaging.
    Throw any waste food straight out, or at least use a kitchen bin with a lid.
    Put some traps down and dispose of any 'explorers' that come into the property.

    The root cause here seems to be the rubbish in the neighbours garden, if you can get that removed the mouse problem will quickly dissappear.


      I have reported the issue to Environmental Health.

      I think part of the problem is that it is a Council Tenant and the Council also own the Freehold of the block as they were (bar this on remaining flat) all ex council properties

      Our council are pretty useless down here so I expect it will take a while to sort. Everyone's advice has been really helpful and I will keep people updated at my progress or lack of!


        I deal with council housing depts and housing associations .... a lot in my job, you are right to be sceptical about how quick they will act, that is why i would already be placing a call into the MP, whenever an MP's letter arrives my ' boss ' is always very interested and whatever they want looking into generally gets done above everything else on the timetable, however long those jobs have been there.


          Thanks Hudson01

          Environmental Health replied this morning telling me they're going to investigate by the end of next week. I will be writing to my MP if I do not receive a satisfactory response.

          I went round last night and noticed a few of the poison pellets have been taken, could not see any points of entry and reminded the tenant that it might be an idea to keep food away and sealed etc... As they had not cleared away the Easter eggs or put and plates etc in the dishwasher as they hadn't been in the kitchen since Saturday.

          I have agreed to go in again Saturday to check the traps, I know there is the argument I do not need to, however I am also going to meet with the other residents to come up with a unified plan going forward. I will then be reminding the tenant in writing how best to keep the kitchen clean to negate the problem as best we can.


            Interesting update to this...

            The troublesome tenant has been put on something the council called a managed tenancy to see if her behaviour improves over the next six months.

            By the sounds of it nothing has improved, one of the neighbours had his car keyed in a random act of of vandalism and it was the only car in the street which was scratched, with the front being avoided because of the dash cam.

            The Wednesday morning at around 1am, a heated argument took place outside the property with three random men involved, one of which is now is Hospital after being stabbed. Apparently there was only one witness to the crime and she'd never seen said men before and had no idea why they were outside of her property.

            So strange how the area by the flat has become a hotbed of crime recently. Isn't life just full of coincidences.

            Oh and never heard back from Environmental Health despite numerous messages left for them.


              Originally posted by red_boots2 View Post
              So strange how the area by the flat has become a hotbed of crime recently. Isn't life just full of coincidences.
              Not strange at all in my world, its very common, the biggest issue is getting other residents to give a statement to either the Police or the council, they are very fearful or revenge attacks etc..... as an aside i can see this being the main issue with the new ' White Paper ' and its tackling of ASB after the S21 has been got rid of, the courts will only grant and eviction if evidence is placed in front of them..... that is easier said than done !!!

              Poor human beings make very poor tenants and then become a landlords worse nightmare, keeping them out of your property is by far the most important job a landlord ever takes on.


                Originally posted by Hudson01 View Post
                Poor human beings make very poor tenants and then become a landlords worse nightmare, keeping them out of your property is by far the most important job a landlord ever takes on.
                There is a wider issue as obviously poorly behaved neighbours also have an effect on good tenants. Rubbish storage and collection had become an issue in our area, which by coincidence is now populated by a high number of 'social ' tenants who can have difficulties with observing normal social requirements. It reminds me of the 1960s when they cleared slums into new council estates only to find tenants keeping coal in the bath etc.

                I have found marijuana use has become very common and associated with this are the dealers and growers who come into the area to supply.


                  There was no keeping coal in baths during the 1960s as you allege .This was an attempt to smear the less fortunate. Did you actually fall for the rumour? There is one born every minute?


                    I now accept these stories may be exaggerations like the one about keeping chickens in a high rise flat or a horse in the front room. I think they may have been called urban myths - and yes I fell for them all


                      Sadly there are too many people happy to perpetuate these myths-it is sometimes a basis for fascism.


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