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  • Squatters

    I have been told that one of my tenants has sublet the property let to her, to 6 - 8 fellow Polish workers (it is a one bed flat) and she has moved out. But another of my Polish tenants still gives me the rent from "her" each week as if she still lives there.
    Her tenancy agreement finishes today, but I have not given her notice to quit as I didn't have a reason to.
    If she has left, now her tenancy has finished, can I demand that these squatters leave immediately, or if not how do I get rid?

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    You require confirmation from your tenant that she has moved out to do what you say.If your tenant insists that she has not moved out,in the absence of proof to the contrary,you will need to obtain a possession order.If the tenant is subletting in breach of the tenancy agreement you could try section 8 instead of section 21.I would check with a solicitor whether you would be likely to succeed with a section 8 before going ahead.You have my sympathies with this.Good luck.


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