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    'Rooms for Rent' signs

    Have an empty 6 bed house for rent. Would like to put a sign in the window saying - Rooms for rent and with just my mobile number on it.
    Would you say this is a good idea? I'm just a bit concerned that its screaming out to any would-be burglar that its an empty property or am I just being paranoid?
    Thanks for any replies

    Would never do that, you'll get all sorts round. Advertise in the local rag.


      Who says they're empty? - if there are curtains then it should deter burglars. Don't put a sign in every window, just the one!
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        Originally posted by alidee View Post
        am I just being paranoid?
        Erm.... IMHO yes!

        1. The fact that you're advertising 'rooms' suggests that there may be other rooms which are already occupied, as distinct from displaying 'house to rent', which suggests otherwise.

        2. The rooms could easily be still occupied anyway, with a vacancy coming up soon

        3. Vacant properties aren't particularly attractive to burglars anyway - what they really want is valuables, especially personal effects; not carpets/sofas etc.

        I've always done it myself with no worries, anyway. But I suppose it might depend on the area.


          Or just put a sign that says "Room to rent", but keep it in the window for as long as there is a room available.

          If you're still feeling particularly vulnerable you could also add the words "Any interested parties must also get on well with large vicious dogs." That should do the trick.

          TBH, I would shy away from that type of advert:

          (1) I imagine it will attract the sort of person who can't find a room through other routes.

          (2) If you do have someone round to look at a room, but don't want to let it to them (for the reasons given above), then as the sign will still be in the window for all to see in the days and weeks following, you can't exactly fob them off with an excuse and then phone them the next day to tell them the room has been taken can you?
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            I pass plenty of places where there are adverts in the windows or placards outside advertising 'rooms to rent'.

            In some instances it is better than advertising in the newspaper.

            I rang a number in a newspaper advertising for a 'female house share' (it was for my daughter when she was at university and the woman at the end of the line, basically told me all about the house, when she was at work, when she was away on holiday and she didn't have a clue who I was..............I obviously have a trusting voice!


              Thanks for all of your replies - seems a case of yer but no
              Will have to have a think about this one.


                I always used the local rag but these days I find I get a much better response on internet sites like those below. Cheaper than ads in the paper and you can read tenants profile before contact.




                  I guess it depends on the area, but we've put signs up in the window of our properties saying 'house to rent' and haven't had a problem and have found tenants cheaply this way too.


                    Originally posted by alidee View Post
                    ... I'm just a bit concerned that its screaming out to any would-be burglar that its an empty property or am I just being paranoid?

                    But why would a burglar be interested in an empty property? I would have thought a burglar would be more interested in a house where there was something to steal?

                    It's a free way of advertising your property, why not use it?


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