Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit

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    Originally posted by DoricPixie View Post
    The tenancy terms in the tenancy agreement?
    Just to clarify, what I meant was that the requirement comes from the tenancy terms if they include it.


      I now believe that one of the tenants had Covid just before vacating and was in a period of Self Isolation, perhaps this is why the Agents suggest a "Deep Clean" to protect the next tenant. It would also explain why when the next tenant was due to move in, our Letting Agent put the tenancy start date back 2 weeks. (which obviously meant we lost 2 weeks rent)


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      • Reply to SDLT relief for multiple dwellings
        by BIGGYBIBIG
        I don`t make the rules my friend,,, i could easily have bought a block of flats the other day,,, tenanted by most of them for over 5 years 10 years 12 years etc,,, all long term but the state of the place i would not let my dog live like that,,, if it were all about money that would have been a great...
        10-08-2022, 19:44 PM
      • SDLT relief for multiple dwellings
        by BIGGYBIBIG
        Hello everyone,
        I have had an offer accepted on a property purchase, subject to a surveyors report of £395,000 in England.

        I am currently looking at surveyors but i just wanted to know where i stand in terms of stamp duty, costs etc.

        I have phoned 5 different solicitors
        10-08-2022, 19:20 PM
      • Reply to SDLT relief for multiple dwellings
        by AndrewDod
        I don't know the answer, but if true this would be an absolute outrage.

        Some little kid buying their own home where granny left them a quarter of a house that is rented out pays 3% additional tax

        Someone who buys 8 properties pays 1%

        Pity us all
        10-08-2022, 19:32 PM
      • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
        by SouthernDave
        Good point...
        10-08-2022, 19:09 PM
      • Winter of Unpaid Bills
        by jpucng62
        Does anyone think their tenants are ready for the huge rises in energy bills this winter? Given that unit prices are expected to more than double from where we are now (and that is a big rise already) does anyone think tenants really have a grasp on this?

        With mortgage rates going up fast...
        10-08-2022, 10:50 AM
      • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
        by DPT57
        I'm more concerned at the possibility of a winter of unheated rental properties and then the tenants expecting me to deal with the resultant mold.
        10-08-2022, 19:04 PM
      • Reply to Dps deposit
        by Codger
        I think the deposit of five weeks rent is more trouble than its worth. Not taking deposits means being a bit more selective in choosing tenants.
        Considering the value of the asset the tenants are trusted with the deposit rules are crazy. But thats only one of the red tape obstacles to being a...
        10-08-2022, 18:22 PM
      • Dps deposit
        by Jm1972
        Hi All,

        i would be grateful if I could get some help please.

        I got an estate agents to find me a tenant and do all the paperwork and get proof of service for everything, tenant moved in and paid deposit just over a week ago.

        The estate agents took the deposit from...
        08-08-2022, 22:40 PM
      • Reply to Winter of Unpaid Bills
        by jpkeates
        The daft thing is that because people will owe them the money, it won't even affect the energy company profits.
        10-08-2022, 16:52 PM
      • Reply to Dps deposit
        by jpkeates
        Looking after a significant amount of someone else's money is not a trivial undertaking.

        I spent most of my career designing and building business solutions to replace manual processes.
        So I have a reasonable idea of what's possible.

        There's nothing in it but downside...
        10-08-2022, 16:50 PM