Advice to others when you have a CCJ against a Tenant

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    Advice to others when you have a CCJ against a Tenant

    Just thought I'd inform others of my current situation, back in 2018 I evicted a non-paying Tenant (prior to Covid) I got 2 CCJ's against the person, 1 was from the possession which awarded me the court fees and the a 2nd when I claimed for the rent arrears and damage to the property. I have now instructed an enforcement agency to try and retrieve the monies owed based on the judgement.

    First point, you can't combine both CCJ's into a single enforcement.

    Second point, since the first CCJ is under £600 you can't use an enforcement agency to collect this, you either have to get a County Court Bailiff or use a debt collection agency. Unfortunately getting in contact with the county court bailiffs is like getting a T to pay up. So at the moment this aspect is on hold, as I don't want to spook the T with an amount which is so little when the 2nd CCJ is in the thousands. So will try and get in contact some how with them at a later stage.

    The only reason why I have decided after around 3-4 years to try and retrieve some money is because the T, still has the driving licence attached to the rental property and never changed it, and received a parking ticket, and states the T owns a 2019 Audi, so the T has clearly come into money somehow..... so lets see what the enforcement retrieves back for me. Be aware this is a long process, and may not be a positive outcome for me but thought I'd share.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully the two CCJ served as warning to any future landlords who did their due diligence.

    I think the DVLA can fine you if you don’t update your address with them…just saying.
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      Interesting. Thanks ash72. I'm looking forwards to seeing your progress. I'm not sure if it is an offence to not have the registration document V5C not showing the correct address of T. It would seem T may have given the eviction address at point of purchase and that would have been after eviction on a 2019 vehicle.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        It is an offence.

        I can't imagine the sweeney turning up to enforce it, but if you respond to the parking ticket there's a slim chance the police will add that to the charges.

        Alternatively, you could complete a very unlikely (and rude) defence to the notice and send it back with the tenant's name on it.
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          Check if there is any finance on the car.


            I think I know what the rent money was spent on.
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