Taking on housing benefit tenant, advice needed

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    Taking on housing benefit tenant, advice needed

    i will start by thanking everyone for the helpful advice i received last time i was on the forums. i managed to get rid of problem tenants and am now taking on a tenant on housing benefit.
    i got her thru an agent, she is a single mum and has been living in a hostel. the agent tells me he has done checks but i would like to do my own just to be sure she has a clean past.
    she is taking a years contract but agent says there will be a blick clause, and in his words this means i can issue section 21 after six months.
    i also would like like to know how to go about using a guarantor as the tenant will be getting the housing benefit and then paying it to me.
    And i would like to do an inventory but want to get it right so please advise how to go about it.
    agent says he can do it all for me but i just want to be sure every thing is done right so i dont get any problems in future. thanks in advance

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