Tenant would like loft conversion - dilemma

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    Tenant would like loft conversion - dilemma

    Hi, I am looking for some advice please.

    I am discussing with my tenant the possibility of a loft conversion on our 2 bed terraced, making it into a 3 bed for his family. He is an experienced builder so has offered to do the work. I'm considering getting the work done, but my concern is the disruption this would cause for him and his family as they would likely have to move out while the work is completed which as a landlord is not something I feel entirely comfortable with. Has anyone experienced anything similar or could offer any advice on this? Also from the legal side with a tenant carrying out work on the property.

    Thank you.

    Someone asked a similar question last week. I replied that any jobs any tenant of mine has done have been bodged. I now hesitate to let a tenant paint. I certainly would not allow them to do a loft conversion.
    To save them chiming in, JPKeates, Theartfullodger, Boletus, Mindthegap, Macromia, Holy Cow & Ted.E.Bear think the opposite of me on almost every subject.


      Hmmm, if this were my property I would not enter into any arrangement which was not a fully documented commercial contract between you as owner and your tenant as an accredited builder. Anything less formal is a potential problem if you and your tenant were to be at odds over any future breaches of the tenancy agreement or if you wanted to possess your property against your tenant's preferences. CharlesT


        I wouldn't for the reasons above.

        IF I did (probably starting with a very small job\) I'd keep the rent the same and pay him, on invoices, agreed time & materials after I'd inspected. (Then you can claim against presumably CGT..).

        Overall very dangerous... What happens if you're unhappy with work done, it doesn;t pass building regs, he decides to stop half-way through & move etc etc ... Minefield...
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          This is a very bad idea! It can go wrong in so many ways!


            If this can go wrong, it will go wrong.
            I have often found that if you say NO to a tenant they will leave.
            In this matter I would decline your tenants offer.
            Presumably they are on a short lease, if you give the go-ahead the tenant could take years to finish the conversion and waht if you wanted to sell the place in the meantime.
            And who would be submitting the planning application, dealing with the building inspector, paying the bills, choosing the design. And would you get a Guarantee. Certainly I would never have anything built without the builder having a Trade Association.

            There is a shortage of rental properties. Having to deal with all the things which would arise during the conversion is not something which I would be prepared to get involved with. I rent out my properties to receive rent, not get involved.
            Its your choice, Good Luck.


              To agree with the above comments, i would not do it. If your tenant came along with a whole load of other builders quoting for the same job then what are the chances you would pick him as being the very best bet ? Just because his is your tenant does not make him the ideal choice..... if anything it makes him the worst choice.


                Very bad idea fir them and for you. You would have little control over the quality or workmanship and what if they become nightmare tenants and you need to evict?


                  Loft conversions are often executed without adhering to buikding regs,and what qualifications does your builder have.Most builders are qualified in one trade only and some are unqualified.A good builder would normally own ther house and not rely on renting.


                    Originally posted by gnvqsos View Post
                    .A good builder would normally own ther house and not rely on renting.
                    A very good point...... just how good can he be ? The builder i used a few years ago has a house to rival the Duke of Sussex !!! Any builder worth their salt will be making a fortune and will not need to rent. The answer is still no, don't do it.


                      We did this to a 2 bed terrace. Believe me when i say that its not an easy job. There are so many fore regs you have to meet by adding a 3rd floor. We only just managed to do it without the need for a sprinkler system. It cost 25k and we ended up needing to redecorate the whole house, change almost every door to a fire door and almost rewire the whole house. Theres no way someone could live there whilst its going on.


                        Don't do it.

                        If he needs a 3rd bedroom, he should be looking at another place.


                          Thanks for all the replies… decision made! I won’t go ahead with it. I know he has done good loft conversions in the past as he’s done a couple in the same road on the same style houses, however, like you all say, it’s dangerous and could go badly wrong. I’ll wait until he moves out and then consider it again. Thanks all.


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