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    Rent increase or being served notice


    I have been renting a house for 22 months. I had a rent increase of 25 pcm on my second tenancy. I have just received word from the agents that the landlord wishes to renew but wants me to assume maintenance of the white goods and also wishes to increase my rent by £175pcm which is a whopping 15.5% increase, double that of even inflation. I have 7 days to respond or they are serving me notice (tenancy ends on 21st March). I’m literally stunned at this increase for a very dated house that is not in good shape. looking for advice on how best to proceed and to whether this increase seems reasonable. I’ve never been a problem tenant and pay my rent 20 days early each month.

    if I am served noticed does that also mean I have to be out by 21st March legally. The rental market is awful around here at the minute and I think I will really struggle with that.

    I’m a single parent if that makes any different but fully employed and not on any benefits/housing allowance.

    many thanks

    A notice, even if valid (many are not) does not end tenancy nor compel tenant to leave.

    It will probably be a section 21 notice. Google "nearly legal section 21" for a checklist to see if it's likely to be valid.

    Probably 6-9 months before eviction if you excerise your rights to stay as granted by Thatcher's 1988 housing act. Would you want a reference?

    You do not have to agree to any new tenancy (change of responsibility over white goods) but they can increase rent but you have right to dispute increase through tribunal.

    A sensible landlord would not evict a good tenant. But being sensible is not required to be a landlord. Or agent. Or (both ) to have any training, any qualifications, or criminal records check.

    Might be worth checking if you're entitled to any benefits (eg as single parent child benefit or child tax credit).
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Is the increase in line with market rates?

      In the first place try negotiating, legal action should be a last resort. Bear in mind any competent landlord will contact your letting agent for a reference.


        What is the market rate for similar properties in the area?


          Agree with above comments....... as you say the rental market around where you are is crazy and i can bet that rents have sky rocketed and even then there will be little choice of properties..... it is the same where i live and i am constantly being contacted by agents (who i have used before) so see if i have any rentals coming up,like it or not the PRS is in a state of flux with few properties for let than ever before and increasing rents. If the LL is putting forward what they are then i can only asume that they are confident they can get that rent if you leave, have you looked at rental prices in your area (in detail) recently ? Have you talked to local agents to see again if what the LL is asking is in line with the market ? Being a single parent changes how i would deal with the S21, You obviously have responsibility for a child and as such if i needed too then i would stay on beyond the notice period if you cannot find anywhere suitable, but in the end....... you will have to enter the market place in the local area, the LL will simply evict you in the end how ever much a delay is put onto it, there are no answers to this, the ovarall responsibility for this total mess is this govt and previous govt's, but that will not assist you now.


            Many thanks all for your reply. Yeah there is nothing on the market at all really, nightmare.

            I assume they wish to serve me with a S21 immediately as they gave me 7 days to respond which would tie in with S21 being served two months before my tenancy even ends.

            I’ve been renting for twenty years and I have never had this happen to me before. I’ve always been a low maintenance tenant who has never once paid late in all of those years. Catch 22 that you can’t ever buy a place when you’re spending £14k plus a year on rent. Soul destroying.

            im truly surprised that this has happened. I’m a civil servant so will always have a job and will never be furloughed or be sacked. I really thought that kind of security along with my early payments would be attractive to a landlord. Ah well!

            I’m considering going back and offering £75 a month extra which is a 6.6 increase and 3 times the increase the landlord imposed on me last year.


              Just bear in mind, when you are served notice, and don't leave, the LL/ LA will then move towards the courts, once this happens all the costs will then be on the T.

              Your best solution is to communicate with the LL/LA as well as search for alternative accommodation, you will have up to 2 months to look and move until the notice ends and they LL/LA can move to the next step which is the courts. Do you really want to live in a place that will treat you like this with very little notice? I'm not even sure they can make you responsible for the maintenance of the white goods if the white goods aren't yours, it's the responsibility of the LL/LA.


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