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    Problem with managing agent

    I am a first time landlord renting my property using an estate agent who is also managing it.

    The agent is responsible for collecting the rent. For the past 2 occassions the rent has been short by 10 pounds.

    The first time this happenend I noticed this and pointed it out (via email) and it was corrected. Now it has happened again same as before 10 pounds short. I have pointed it out (again by email) but have not gotten a response.

    I'm sure it will get corrected in time, but would I be being impatient if I was to complain about this?

    What would others do?

    Thanks in advance

    Why not ask T (as well as Agent) whether T actually paid the full rent or £10 short?
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      On visiting the agent I was shown the bank statement showing the tenant has actually paid the rent £10 short.

      Last time this happened the tenant claimed it was an error made by her bank but now its happened again I find it hard to believe its another bank error.


        Still could be bank's error. They are notoriously slow correcting their mistakes.


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