Real Estate Agency not doing its job - I want to leave

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    Real Estate Agency not doing its job - I want to leave


    I have a problem, which I am going to try to summarise:

    - I have been renting a flat since February 2007, with two other room mates.

    - I have been on a 6 months contract - with an official end date of February 2008 - which is carrying on as long as the Landlord and the tenants (me and my roomates) are in agreement. Notice period for the Landlord or the tenants is 2 months

    - The flat was sold in July 2007 to another Landlord

    - In January 2008, I have been informed by the new Landlord that he wanted to increase the rent and that a new contract had to be arranged. Also, one of my roomates left, and was replaced by someone else

    - I agreed on the rent increase verbally with the Landlord, and requested that one of the two bathrooms was fixed as one was really in bad shape let's say

    - The Landlord and myself have chased the contract for 5 months (!!!) with no or very few actions from the real estate agency. We provided the new name of my roomate, to modify the contract, but the agency did stricitly nothing in 5 months. I sent emails which were answered 25% of the times, and had absolutely no follow up

    - Mid May they transfered our dossier to another branch of their group, in another area of London, and I finally received the contract... which is

    1/ dated February 2008 (start date), whereas we are now in May!
    2/ at the new rent from February, ie I would in arrears of 4 months!
    3/ mentionning that the deposit is still held in the same terms than initially, whereas they started 3 weeks ago to destroy and rebuild one of the bathroom and my room and the carpet is covered of dust everywhere!

    - And 2 days after receiving the contract, I received a letter stating that I was in arrears of 4 months of differential between the rent increase and the old rent. Because, I was continuing to pay the old rent obviously and nothing has been signed regarding the new rent!

    This, to me, is completely ridiculous and I have spent too much energy to carry on this way. Now, I want to leave the flat and all this mess, moreover another of my room mate is leaving the flat. My questions are

    Do I have to provide 2 months notice, although the contract has "officialy" ended? The agency told me that it was carrying on in the same terms "de facto"

    Can the agency claim anything? I am trapped in a mess here and I do not want to have any problems in the end.

    Please let me know what you think about this situation and if you need more precisions.

    Many thanks,


    Do not sign the contract, you do NOT owe 4 months back rent unless you sign the new AST.

    You are now in a statutory periodic tenancy and you only need give 1 months notice despite what they say.

    Tell them to shove the new ast and issue notice to expire at the end of a rental period.. ie if you have just paid rent you may need to stay 2 months!
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