What to do at the end of an AST period?

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    Hi guys - quick a update and repeat of my question:

    I spoke to the tenant and said that Id rather proceed on a periodic basis; it gives her more flexibility etc... etc..

    However she said that she'd prefer an AST. I dont have a problem with that, although I do see the advantages as has been mentioned in this thread. And yes, Im well aware Im doing precisely what jpkeates says is a common theme. But in reality - in this particular situation with this particular landlord and this particular tenant - I think its fine. Of course - if it all goes pear-shaped in a few months - I will update this thread and you can all have a good laugh at me.

    So - Just to confirm, because this is a 'new tenancy' I need to issue her with the EICR (again), but I dont have to give her the How To Rent leaflet (because it hasnt been updated since last time I gave her it). And I dont need to re-perform any other checks like her Right to Rent?



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