Multiple issues in what we hoped would be an ideal house.

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  • Berlingogirl
    If the RCDs have melted there is a serious problem somewhere that might lead to requiring. I wonder why the last tenants left and if they overloaded the elecs.

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  • DPT57
    I would suggest you go to the EA's office and sut there until they deal with the problems.

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  • Hudson01
    I am sorry but if you wish to stay in a house where the RCD's have melted then you need to consider what your priorites are.... having a big house or your (and your families) life.

    Did you get a copy of the EICR ? I would be out of that house asap.

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  • Multiple issues in what we hoped would be an ideal house.

    Hello all,

    We took tenancy at a property in October
    there was a few weeks between contracts being signed and us moving in, in which we noticed a bit of damp patches and leaky windows. So alerted the estate agents.

    then on moving day, realised there was no power. We thought the credit meters must have ran out no, an rcd and multiple mcbs had completely melted.
    no contact from ea despite emails and calls so we had no option but to hire an electrician and bill the EA.

    at that point I was happy to let the minor issues mentioned above get sorted in an as soon as convenient manner.
    as while not ideal they pose no immediate danger to us or the house.

    Christmas night into boxing day however we were woken at 4am by an almighty crashing and smashing sound.
    it's a big house. And we found that the main bathroom shower screen and tiles had fallen from the wall.
    I've reported this of course
    And I've cleaned up the mess etc, luckily no damage to the bath suite or any pipework and no injuries.

    Obviously though had anyone been in the bath that could have been very dangerous.
    A few tiles were left dangling so I had to remove a few myself ( they came off intact as there is absolutely zero adhesive stuck to any tile. )

    We absolutely love the house for its size and we want to stay here as long term as we can, our rent is paid on time every time ( currently until February as I wanted Christmas and new year to be clear. )

    We want to give the landlords as much breathing room and little hassle as we possibly can, but with issues mounting up and an estate agent who is incredibly slow at organising repairs its very frustrating.
    we have no direct details for our landlords.

    We've been advised that environmental health will investigate and assist but we would like to avoid this as again we don't want to be pains to the landlord, but we would also appreciate maintenance being carried out promptly and properly.

    Is there any advice you guys can offer or anything as a tenant I could do to help?
    I'm work in construction, and will happily assist with any maintenance I can, but with no direct contact with landlord I dont want to tread on toes or open cans of worms.

    Thanks all

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  • Reply to Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by Hudson01
    Given you have an idea of what Kwh's were used before, and if you look at any national news channel there are many predictions on what it will be in April 2023, i would do as suggested above, increase it once, but make it BIG ....... They are looking at an average CAP of £4500-£5000 after the April...
    14-08-2022, 17:27 PM
  • Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by patray
    I am trying to work out the best way to recoup some of the increase in the cost of the gas given that we can only put up the rent once a year but the cost is going to be increased in October and probably every 3 months.

    It's not possible to forsee how much prices will rise or what help...
    14-08-2022, 14:03 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by Hudson01
    Totally agree..... but has anyone told the govt or the developers who still appear to be fitting no solar panels on their new builds...... no heat pumps...... no rain water retention systems...... i could go on but you get the idea, we are useless as a country at preparing for the future, the future...
    14-08-2022, 17:20 PM
  • Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by Hudson01
    Looking at the news today (similar to yesterday and the day before), they are talking about combined energy bills of 4-5k a year...... by April 2023. There are many properties up north where the combined rental per annum is between 6-7k....... that is insane.

    Could we have a situation...
    13-08-2022, 22:08 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by SouthernDave
    Air con and solar panels is the only viable option I can see going forward.
    14-08-2022, 16:04 PM
  • Reply to Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by Neelix
    If the gas is included in the agreement, what makes you think you pass this on to tenants ?
    14-08-2022, 15:59 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by ash72
    I can see more problem on the horizon...... The more we insulate our homes the better they are in keeping the heat in, the problem as we all can feel during the last month is the relentless heat which then is trapped inside the home and it's cooler outside then inside.

    - We removed wooden...
    14-08-2022, 15:53 PM
  • Reply to Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by ash72
    You should fix the tariff if you believe the prices are going to increase every 3 months, then you would have locked in the rate for the next 12 - 18 months, it's only then on the consumption of the utility. Are the flats legally converted if not then it's most likely a HMO property.

    14-08-2022, 15:43 PM
  • Reply to Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by theartfullodger
    You are able to propose as many increases as you like as often as you like. If tenant ( stupidity..) agrees and starts paying then that's agreed. If not, stuffed.

    However you may only attempt to enforce an increase one a year ("section 13 notice ") and tenant is, quite rightly,...
    14-08-2022, 15:18 PM
  • Reply to Gas Central Heating Included in Rent
    by DPT57
    No it doesn't seem workable. Even if they agree, they could change their mind about further in-year increases. You should probably just increase the rent as a one-off by a fixed amount that both of you can live with, but neither are totally happy with.
    14-08-2022, 14:48 PM