Issue with landlord over leak /heating

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    Issue with landlord over leak /heating

    I moved into a managed let rental property at end of March. There was a small patch that I didn’t notice initially but is on the inventory on a downstairs interior wall which started to grow and I reported it early April as it looked like a leak. I was told by the landlord that they were aware of damp in the property and would be fixing the roof so hopefully that would solve it. I protested that the location of it made it very unlikely to be the roof but they kept on that they were only interested in looking after the roof was fixed in June. He told me there was a dehumidifier I could use at my expense

    in May a check was done on the boiler and the engineer said the radiators weren’t working and the tank was completely full of sludge (gravity fed system) and recommended a power flush.

    person finally came to look at the leak in late June which now had grown and was damp and mould growing, and spread into the lounge and kitchen which shared the wall. There was also mould growing under where I had put a mat down for my child to play to the point I had to put replacement carpet on top.

    the engineer recommended leak detection and there was a delay of about 6 weeks til they could come early August. They identified the leak area and highlighted how bad the heating was due to the sludge. They quoted to fix the leak and to do the power flush. The landlord wanted to come and inspect it with his contractor but would only come early September. On the day he was meant to come I wasn’t meant to be in the house but I was unexpectedly and then they didn’t come

    through the summer I managed by keeping windows open as much as possible but as autumn came I was getting worried about the leak and heating. I reported to council in September but due to the person I first dealt with suddenly no longer working there and some one else coming they haven’t inspected

    i had to chase and chase and they said they needed more quotes until finally someone came to fix the leak in early November however now over 6 weeks later it seems worse. They have told me it’s just taking time to dry out but there are visible droplets of water all over the floor every day that weren’t there before. They again told me to use the dehumidifier at my expense until today they have agreed to reduce my rent by £20 a month. They won’t do anything more about it and have told me that they discussed over the phone and it’s definitely fixed. There is no improvement to the damp patches on the wall at all and I have had multiple disposable dehumidifiers in each of the room (I currently have 15 in the house all filing up)

    they then arranged for a chemical flush of the radiators which was unsuccessful. I have been advised that a chemical flush Is a cheaper and more basic flush and was unlikely to work on the extent of the problem I had Throughout I have a house impossible to heat with rooms at around 15C with a small child. They have offered no solution, I have bough heaters but because the hallway is freezing cold I have to keep doors shut leading to me basically living out of one room with my daughter. They have acknowledged the flush hasn’t worked and are arranging another but it can’t be done until mid January

    is there anything else I can do to get someone to look at the leak?
    given how bad the heating is and that it’s mid winter am I allowed to move out until it’s fixed?
    would it be worth seeking compensation given that other than the 6 week delay for leak detection all delays have been down to the inaction of the landlord? I have asked for consideration for a reduction in rent but it’s continuously been ignored.

    Obviously if he had responded when I reported the problems they likely would have been sorted by now. I’m barely sleeping because of it and it’s been incredibly stressful, the amount of quotes and contractors I have had in has been very disruptive

    i have evidence of everything and all
    communication has been via email

    thanks in advance

    Is this a private LL or a council/housing association property ?


      Private landlord through an agent, all issues, maintenance and repairs are reported through their app


        Make a formal complaint to environmental health. They will come out and inspect the property and then they will write to your landlord giving him a date to get the works done by.


          Depends what outcome you want...

          If it were me, I would write a letter before action to the agent AND landlord, stating that unless the issues are rectified to a satisfactory standard within 14 days then I would arrange for them to be done myself and issue proceedings to reclaim the costs, ask for costs against the landlord and further, partial or full rent for the months that led up to this being required. I'd also draft and put a copy of the court paperwork into the letter - N1 Claim form.

          That ought to grease the gears...


            Problem with this is that the Landlord could just send a section 21 notice if a complaint is made.

            yes Landlord is useless in this case and tenant is suffering and yes no tenant would want to move in that house if S21 was given but that’s the problem with the system at the moment.


              I personally would give notice to quit to landlord and rent elsewhere if you can’t buy own property.


                Originally posted by mokka View Post
                I personally would give notice to quit to landlord and rent elsewhere if you can’t buy own property.
                Totally agree, most of the time the fight is simply not worth it...... move on.


                  Thank you for your replies. I am contemplating leaving as it’s broken down beyond repair. I just was hoping it wouldn’t come to this as the area is really nice and hard to find rental property.

                  i had been to the council but called them again yesterday and they have got back to me. They are giving the landlord 14 days to act or else will issue an enforcement notice as they were not even able to say what the original leak was or what was done to fix it which she said was unacceptable.


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