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    Originally posted by thegypsyking View Post
    Isn't being in the flat my legal right during inspection? They want to block my access to the flat s i have already paid. And this is 3 hours.
    My point really is that approaching this from a rightsist standpoint is likely to escalate the tension. I agree that 3 hours would be unreasonable, but its not going to take that. I'd be amazed if it was more than about 20 minutes. The landlord sounds like a bit of an arse, but it also sounds like he's really just passing on the usual overblown covid rules from the surveyors. I would tell the landlord that I am happy to open the door for them and then wait outside whilst they complete the inspection and could they give you a more realistic estimate of the time its likely to take.


      your landlord wants to "inspect", but its actually an estate agent surveyor who will be there for 3 hours ? careful, sounds like the landlord might be gearing up to sell it.
      usually an inspection is a 10min walk around checking on how you are keeping it, if smoke alarms work and if anything obvious needs repair/attention.


        I think the main cause of the problem here is whoever is insisting that tenant cannot be in the property at the same time as the surveyor (or indeed "surveyor").

        I have used various tradesmen during the pandemic and nobody has suggested that residents of the property should vacate. I had a building survey done last week and it didn't cross my mind (or, I think, anyone else's) that surveyor should have priority over residents.

        It is not the standard approach and does not seem appropriate or necessary to me.
        There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


          Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
          Exactly, quite. Impasse, sounds like both parties won't agree.

          I merely ask... will you ever need a reference from landlord?

          Good luck
          That s a great point, Sir. And yes, i will need...


            Your best bet then may be to comply, but I think you are not wrong to question the request.
            There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


              Just allow access and wait outside, they certainly wont be taking 3 hours to check the property, I've done refurbs in less time.


                Please not another 37 pages, 548 posts of where no can agree !

                Fed up with nitpickers and rivet counters...


                  3 hours for a survey - sounds like the property is already sold and this is actually for the new buyer.

                  I would be giving access but staying in.


                    I would wait outside to see the person who is coming to survey the property and stand near the door with my ears pricked up. Things will become clear then.


                      I think your LL is being unreasonable and I wouldn't be surprised if there's an ulterior motive. I have Ts who insist on being there when something needs doing and I respect their view. I'm quite sure your LL could find someone willing to do the job when you're there. I agree with the above, allow access but stay there.


                        Insisting that you can’t be there is wrong and complete utter tosh. You are paying to be there and remains your 🏠.

                        As for refusing it depends how well off you are incase he gets bitter and throws an eviction no fault section 21 at you for not letting the tosser have his way for which he sounds like one with his demands.


                          I have to agree with everyone who has said that the surveyor's requirements that you be out are not standard at present. You should point out that if the risk is so high you must question whether having a small team of strangers in your home for three hours can be considered sensible.

                          Offer to carry out a lateral flow that morning if all visitors can demonstrate evidence of having done the same. Offer to wear a mask throughout the visit and require that any visitor does the same (a mask rather than a respirator).

                          I'd also state that whilst you are happy to grant access, you feel that three hours is rather long for an unexpected general inspection and would appreciate being advised of the purpose.
                          Assume I know nothing.


                            Landlord has right to inspect and for access for his surveyor but no right to require you to remove yourself. I would confirm in writing that access is available at the time requested but that I do not agree to vacate during this period is the premises is my home and I am entitled to remain in it notwithstanding that you and /or your surveyors are entitled to access to inspect.

                            I am concerned that they are minded to carry out an illegal eviction.


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                              You could invite the inspector to offer feedback with 24 hours.
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