boiler & water cylinder replacement

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    boiler & water cylinder replacement


    Thank you in advance for your help on this. I have a water cylinder & boiler which are both 25yrs old. The water cylinder leaked earlier this year but is fixed (for now).

    The boiler is outdated and if anything were to happen the parts would not be replaceable - a new boiler would be required, I do not want to be in a situation where something happens to the boiler/cylinder, the tenants are out of heat and/or water and I have to replace at emergency rates. Therefore I am happy to be proactive now, get a few quotes and get both replaced. I have asked the managing agency to request dates from the tenants (who are v busy NHS workers) to allow tradesmen to visit and quote. Its been two weeks and I havent heard back.

    Any thoughts on what I should do?


    Arrange appointments and give them notice of these in accordance with the terms in your contract. You are unlikely to need their agreement. Perhaps give them a little extra notice, or even a week so that they can respond if it clashes with shifts.
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      Let the tenants know what you are planning and get them on side.

      this time of year most GSRs are busy fixing faults

      also don’t be talked into a combi


        If they've lasted 25 years they will last another ten by which time there will be grants to replace with something better


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