Freezing cold, outdated heating and draughty insulation

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  • JK0
    Storage heaters smell due to the build up of dust. Sounds like you aren't using them, doesn't it? No wonder your bills are high, if you're just relying on the direct heating.

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  • DPT57
    I assume you know how to set and adjust ghe jnput and output values on the storage heaters?

    If the flat is too cold, vote with your feet. That's the beauty of renting.

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  • Hudson01
    I have a couple of properties which are all electric but they are very well insulated and between other properties so they only have two exterior walls, the tenants tell me that when they have the electric panel heaters on they turn them off after about an hour or so and it stays warm the rest of the evening, it's the insulation (or lack of it) which is causing you the issues, have you involved the MP in your area ? It may seem extreme but going straight to the top can cut out a lot of wasted time, do not ask for everything to be done, start with the insulation and then move onto getting better heaters which can be controlled via apps on the phone. The sash windows you mention will be a real problem, all mine are modern double glazed and i cannot see how sash windows can be made as thermally efficient.

    Also remember that even when the new min EPC ratings come in, housing associations are looking like they will not have to comply !!! So no help there i am afraid.
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  • ash72
    Since you were given the EPC, there's not much you can do, if the Flat does not have Gas coming into the property you would not be able to have this, the only thing is electric heaters or storage heaters. Storage heaters are what are recommended in EPC's but each one costs around £500-1000 so they are not cheap. External windows is not an option as the freeholder would need to do this, and then pass on the costs to the leaseholders.

    If you don't want to move due to the costs and your low rent, your better to invest yourself in a new heater which is then yours. The cold spell hasn't fully hit yet, so there is time to get some portable heaters, before there is a shortage.

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  • Freezing cold, outdated heating and draughty insulation

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been renting a flat through a housing association for a few years now but find my flat to be insanely freezing during the winter (it never bothered me too much before Covid as I was away with work a lot). Last year was the first year I was around all winter and I’ve ended up accruing nearly £1500 in electricity charges over 12 months for a 69sqm flat by myself with the vast majority being heating costs.

    According to the EPC certificate (valid until 2025, assessing company doesn’t exist anymore and assessor stopped being accredited in 2019) the flat has a D rating:
    Wall Solid brick, as built, insulated (assumed) Good
    Window Full secondary glazing Good
    Main heating Electric storage heaters Poor
    Main heating Room heaters, electric Very poor
    Main heating control Manual charge control Poor
    Main heating control Programmer and appliance thermostats Good
    Hot water Electric immersion, off-peak Average
    Lighting Low energy lighting in all fixed outlets Very good
    Roof (another dwelling above) N/A
    Floor (other premises below) N/A
    Secondary heating None N/
    Having said that, the heating (already found to be poor/very poor) years ago consists of:
    - Electric panel heater in both bedrooms (around £4 a day for just one of the panel heaters for 6 hours). Although the bedroom panel heater heats nicely, the flat turns freezing again within minutes of turning it off.
    - A storage heater in the hallway (broken) and 2 in the lounge (barely working and smells when operating)
    - An electric fan in the bathroom

    There are no room thermostats anywhere and central heating is a remote pipe dream. Additionally, there are
    - Major draught along the skirting board along the interior walls
    - A nearly 1cm gap below the front door and gaps along the side (I can see hallway lights shining through along the frame)
    - Old style sash windows (one has a gash in it, with plaster cracked) in all rooms. Although there is now some internal plastic glazing (about 10cm or so from the sash window) that was only installed recently and is ice cold to the touch

    With the context set, does anyone have any advice on what I can do (aside from move)?

    Thank you in advance!

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