Freezing cold, outdated heating and draughty insulation

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    You can use decorators Cork to fill the gaps round the skirting boards. Gapseal make insulation for sash windows. Draught proofing is relatively cheap and well worth doing. You can get thermal curtains but I haven't used them so don't know how good they are.


      A long time ago we lived in a house with sash windows. We used to stuff folded up bits of newspaper in the gaps.

      You can get brush draught excluders to screw to the bottom of your door.

      As for the night storage heater you could try doing a factory reset on it. I've just proved that can work.

      In your situation I'd be beavering around blocking all the gaps myself as royw says.


        Heaters seem to have sorted themselves out by now. Insulation is the much bigger issue though.

        I've noticed a 1 by 4cm cutout in the drywall under the windowsill that lets in so much air it makes the curtains move by themselves.

        Similarly, there is a nearly 1 cm gap between the skirting board the floor (carpet does not go in the niche but rather tops before that lets in a steady stream of cold air from the outside alongside the entire length of it.

        Not to mention I noticed one of the sash windows does not properly close and the window frames don't align when I tried to seal it with gapseal.


          Originally posted by Canning18 View Post
          Unfortunately, moving is not really an option as the housing market in Nottingham is a mess right now
          Landlord licensing...


            Blankets, hot water bottles, sweaters, uggs indoors, heated blankets, sausages along the bottom of doors, heavy curtains at the windows and doors, plastic rolls of draught excluder fitted everywhere there is a leak. Curtains can be bought cheaply in charity shops and are very effective. Can tell I lived in an old house 🤔


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