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    10 years ago so apart from the no telephone nonsense , a good tenant. Originally there was a mobile no but its not working now.


      Is the tenant refusing access for tradesmen or just refusing to host them? It's not really the tenants job to be there to facilitate access, it's something you should do using your own keys and I think you will have to discuss you having this kind of access with the tenant. You can still give written notice.


        Many people are scared (yes even teriffied) with this covid situation.
        I see it all the time on the disability forum that I do.

        You might not see it as a problem yourself, but some elderly people and those with health concerns are genuinely frightened.
        Whether that is warranted or not doesn't matter, they are still frightened for themselves.

        It's an odd situation, do the best you can to help those who are scared or even just unsure.
        Yes it may mean a bit more work for you, but in the long term you will feel better about yourself.


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