Daughter unable to find a rental

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    Daughter unable to find a rental

    Wondering if anyone could shine a light as to whether this is an unusual situation or the norm nowadays.

    My daughter (26) needs to relocate for a new job. Her salary will be £50k+ and she has a positive reference from her current landlord (she has been there five years) so you'd think she wouldn't have a problem finding somewhere, but after over 20 viewings still hasn't been accepted for anything.

    She began by looking at 2 bed properties (around £1,200 pcm) then mostly switched to 1 beds (around £900 pcm) when she was having no luck. But she's been unsuccessful even with the 1 beds - letting agents have said that demand is so high to the point that couples with two incomes are now ending up in the 1 beds (whereas before they'd be accepted for a 2 bed leaving the 1 beds available for singles) and single people are being left high and dry regardless of how much they earn and what kind of property they are going for. She's started offering ~£100 above the asking price but is still getting nowhere.

    Are there any tricks she could try to make herself seem more attractive to a prospective landlord? She'd be able to offer six months upfront but I've read that landlords don't like that. A shared house is out as she already has her own furniture and would be working from home a couple of days a week. For her current place the property was added to RightMove in the morning, she viewed it over lunch, and had the holding deposit paid by the end of the afternoon, but it appears things have changed a lot since then.

    There's nothing obviously causing her to be rejected, as far as I can see.

    Where I let currently, there are no 1 or 2 bedroom properties being advertised to let at all.
    I don't know if demand is unusually high or supply is unusually low (or a combination of both), but no availability at all is unique in my experience.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Forget the agents, try landlords direct through gumtree, local FB groups , spare room, newsagent windows etc


        The glaringly obvious - she hasn't actually started this £50k/year job yet so doesn't have employment stability.

        Put her furniture into storage, get a house share that offers the work space she needs - and then in 6 months time, look again with the benefit of an employment reference and steady income showing on her bank account.

        Another option - get all her ducks lined up - contact every letting agency and provide them a copy of her landlord reference, copy of current bank statements, job offer letter, work history evidence etc - and write that you appreciate demand outstrips supply and you are therefore being pro-active in finding suitable accommodation.

        Don't overdo it though as she'll come across as desperate and warning flags will be raised.
        My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


          She is a victim of the current manic market caused by the Govt's anti landlord policies, Shelter & Gen Rents anti LL ravings and the looming EPC C regulations. Because of the fast moving market many tenants are staying put so there is a real shortage of properties on the market coupled with pretty constant demand.

          As a LL I much prefer a couple because two salaries are better than one - especially with rising bills. It is also insurance against someone losing their job. I know this doesn't help your daughter but it may help you understand that things may not improve. All she can do is keep looking & be prepared to move fast when something comes on the market. Bottom line is in many places it is the LL doing the choosing not the tenant.

          It is possible that the market may slow towards Christmas but I wouldn't bank on that as the lack of supply will still be a problem.

          The suggestion of renting a room initially may be her best bet for a quick solution.

          Good luck


            Dont forget openrent. I letmy last three on its own site without needing to pay e xtra fo r rightmove.


              What area is she looking in?


                As said it could well be the new job ..... '' Her salary WILL be £50k+'', coulda woulda shoulda......planning on earning that salary and actually doing it are totally different. Also has she not asked for feedback from the agents of these 20 viewings ? That would be the first thing i would do.


                  Yes as above, I'm afraid I would reject her too on the basis of not having been in that employment long enough (or at all). Most employers have a 3/6 month probation period and I like my prospective tenants to have passed that milestone. As pp said, securing any accommodation perhaps as a lodger or house share and trying again in 6 months would be the easiest option.

                  As an aside, in a south east town where I have one property there is nothing available in the 1/2 bed market at all. It's unprecedented and if it doesn't improve will be very challenging for those having to move.


                    Availability-wise, seems to be same here. Quote from my agent yesterday:

                    We currently have no stock at all!"
                    There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


                      Wow..... times are getting tough out there.


                        And I wonder who caused this mess? The Lib Dem MPs who first floated the idea of abolishing S21, the Labour Loonies who some thought could get into power and wreck the entire economy, the Tories who went along with bashing the PRS without understanding the consequences, and those who thought encouraging tenants to steal during the pandemic was such a great idea. And let's add a heat pump and EPC level C to that toxic mix.

                        They will all be hiding away now leaving many ordinary honest good people facing misery. No apologies or ownership of the human problem they have caused.


                          My guess is that some of this is Covid, some of this is economic and some of this is seasonal.
                          A lot of people are just hunkering down for the long winter, worrying about the cost of power, what shortages are going to mess up their plans, whether we'll be in some kind of lockdown next month.

                          Not the time to move home.
                          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                            Thanks for all of the replies.

                            She's still in the same position, willing to compromise on a temporary house share but the ones she's inquired about so far ended up being either studenty looking ones or consisted mostly of middle-aged men. Feedback from agents has been mostly generic, usually that the landlord went with someone on a higher income (even for the cheapo places). A couple of them have been helpful and let her know about other properties in advance, most don't respond at all.

                            It's a university town in the south she'll be working in, the search is pretty much confined here as there's virtually nothing on the market in the nearby small towns. I'm guessing that a good number of the purpose-built flats are taken by foreign students with wealthy parents.

                            I do agree that housing policy which originated from the Blair days is the main thing that started this mess. There's a thread going on Mumsnet at the moment where a couple on £80k combined aren't being accepted for anything.


                              I can only sympathize with you and your daughters position, it appears to be the same issue all over the country. A work colleague i posted a thread about a few days ago is having issues getting their tenants out of the property, they gave a S21 over a year ago but they simply dug their heels in and are still there, my friend should have taken firmer action but that is life i guess when the PRS is not your main job....... end result.... if they had moved a year or so ago i am confident they would now be in a new rental, as it is they will be forcibly evicted into the current market !!!! Not good at all, they are also in arrears so now go down the intentionally homeless route...... i guess it's '' emergency accommodation '' here we come


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                                Many thanks all for your reply. Yeah there is nothing on the market at all really, nightmare.

                                I assume they wish to serve me with a S21 immediately as they gave me 7 days to respond which would tie in with S21 being served two months before my tenancy even ends.

                                I’ve been...
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