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    Universal credit and rent

    I am now looking for new tenant. One family looks ok. The lady is working in the hospital as a nurse and the husband is self employed (although it doesn't look having much earnings from the business? One child (they claim) They also have universal credit about £500. I am not sure if it is ok to consider them. I don't want DSS but honestly I don't know why. They will pay more to rent my place. Should I take them? please kindly advice. Thanks

    There's a good argument that people on benefits possibly have a more secure income stream than many, more traditionally employed, people.

    It's just a judgement call and no one can make it for you.
    The nurse role would be a big positive for me, but, again, that's a personal prejudice.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      If the T was entitled to Housing Benefit, you should check what the LHA rate is for the number of bedrooms your property has and the rent you are asking, if there is a difference between the 2 the DWP will not pay the difference, this is where you need to check the affordability if they can afford the top-up part. They would only get a 2 bedroom LHA rate, if you property is a 3 bedroom or more they wouldn't get the rate for a +3 bedroom.... bare this in mind.


        I would have no issue with it, as after all there is a considerable number of working people that also receive Universal Credit.

        I suspect from what you have said is that they are getting the 2 person UC rate, Housing Benefit, UC Child benefits and some of any childcare costs. Minus the percentage for the amount both of them own and UC pays them £500 a month.

        With the lady working as a nurse, I would be even happier to take them as that is a good essential career with little chance of redundancy.


          As a nurse and a self-employed person (who may declare as little as possible for tax purposes) their earnings may well be at a level that there is Govt top up available to them. I wouldn't have a problem with it.

          The 'No DSS' line of thought is actually better expressed as 'working tenants only'. What most people want to avoid is people with no earned income at all. Large swathes of the population receive some sort of support from the Govt and this should not be a bar to them renting.



            14.4% of privately rented households in receipt of benefits were behind on rental payments.
            ...don't shoot the messenger.


              Originally posted by Uklondoner View Post
              I don't want DSS but honestly I don't know why.
              I suspect that the majority of 'No DSS' landlords are the same, in respect of not thinking about why not have benefits claimants as tenants.

              In the majority of cases it's simply entrenched thinking, lazy thinking, and out of date thinking - or rather a lack of any thinking.
              The DSS itself hasn't existed for a couple of decades.
              (I'll not go into the discrimination issue, that's already been covered extensively in other threads).

              Part of the problem is that many landlords didn't/don't really know what are and are not 'benefits'.

              Benefits have changed;
              many who were previously getting Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits (which landlords didn't/don't see as being benefits even though they are/were) are now getting Universal Credit instead (which landlords do see as being a benefit).
              Eventually WTC and CTC will be replaced entirely by UC.

              The people haven't changed, they are still working and still claiming the benefits that they are entitled to just as they were before, only the name(s) of the benefits they are getting has changed.

              And that's not a sensible reason to decide that they may suddenly not be suitable tenants anymore.

              Do you realy want to restrict your potential market, simply because the benefits that millions of working people claim has changed name?


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                The term lawful here applies to private landlord. It's a term that does not just exist within the Housing Act 1988, but also Rent Act 1977, and probably other places. In this context, it basically means as the Shelter page summarised, did the mesne tenant have permission to sublet. That section of the...
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                This is a good point..... also, not wishing to tempt fate, but with the increase in Covid type restrictions is it beyond thinking that we may have another xmas ban on evictions ???? I do not believe it is needed but you know what the lefties are like....
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                this is not a great time to try to get possession, I would recommend that you tolerate them a bit longer. The Judge is not going to be sympathetic and besides these cases are going to take a long time to come to Court.
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