Tenant complaining about a cupboard

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    Tenant complaining about a cupboard


    i just wanted some advice please on what to do. I’m renting to a new tenant who hasn’t moved all of their things in yet. I bought a new washing machine and it’s gone into the space where I used to have mine and it sticks out more than my old one. I don’t know why to be honest because the dimensions are only 1cm bigger than my old one. But it seems this new machine curves out at the front which is really annoying because that’s not included in the dimensions online.

    Anyway that means that they can’t open the door to a cupboard that’s low down to the left of the washing machine because if you try to the washing machine door gets in the way.

    The two options are either don’t use that cupboard or I take the door off and they can use it like that.

    The tenant isn’t happy about that but I don’t see what else I can do. Am I being unreasonable?

    I assume the tenant viewed (and was promised) the premises with a washing machine and a cupboard that they can use ? If so then you are in a difficult position, what about getting a joiner in to see if the cupboard can be altered (the door/hinge) to shorten it thus allowing it to open.


      Maybe the washing machine hasn't been pushed in all the way, or the water /waste pipe is getting in the way - it may be that you need to remove it again and check that nothing it blocking it and then push it back in.

      If it is the size, then thing left is either extend the cupboard by a few cm's with a piece of wood, alternatively swap the door on the cupboard to the opposite side, but it still wont be flush with the washing machine. I wouldn't offer any reduction in rent.


        I had the same thing. I removed the door before anyone viewed.

        Don't have a property in any different condition between viewing & moving. Otherwise you make a rod for your own back.
        To save them chiming in, JPKeates, Theartfullodger, Boletus, Mindthegap, Macromia, Holy Cow & Ted.E.Bear think the opposite of me on almost every subject.


          Originally posted by Pocahontas
          The handle will just be lower because I will have to turn it upside down.
          She won't like that!
          To save them chiming in, JPKeates, Theartfullodger, Boletus, Mindthegap, Macromia, Holy Cow & Ted.E.Bear think the opposite of me on almost every subject.


            Could you not just put the old washing machine back?

            Or return the new one to the shop as unsiutable and get a slightly smaller replacement?
            Depends on the shop I guess.


              I see the problem, one of my properties has the exact same layout, apart from the shade of the kitchen cupboards i would think it was a picture of my place !! But my door is the opposite way with the hinge on that side, but mine is tight for sure. In your circumstance the washer will naturally move when it is on the spin cycle...... if you do move the hinge then the handle can be in the right position if you get one of those guys out who can cover any damage or scratch without it being seen, i have used them and most are very good indeed. The holes can then be plugged and she will never see it.


                Most important question which wasn't answered - did you advertise the property with a washing machine and is it on the Inventory the Tenant signed?

                If neither then simply remove it.

                I have no idea why you would include a washing machine anyway (unless it's fully furnished) as you are forever responsible for repairs, leaks, replacement etc.

                My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


                  Originally posted by nukecad View Post
                  return the new one to the shop as unsiutable and get a slightly smaller replacement?
                  This. If the dimensions are not as advertised then just return it and get a replacement.


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