I'm a landlord who also rents- EVERYTHING is broken and filthy- what should I pay?

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    Original Poster here. I am enjoying the conspiracy theorists and apologies to those who find this a bore. Major apologies to AlexR for being accused of being me in disguise- what an insult, thankfully retracted now by royw- it's not halloween just yet royw.

    Despite my lengthy explanations, for which I am known. It seems a few things have got lost- namely- renting my own home out, is not seen as a money-making venture for me so I just want it to be stress free and at the end to come out with my flat having been looked after to not have lost money and it not to have caused me stress, I would also like someone to be able to live in my flat knowing that I am a fair landlord who will do right by them, This gives me peace of mind and makes me feel happy as a person. The rent I charge for my flat, perhaps because it is in London, I don't know, far exceeds the mortgage and as I just need to break even in my mind, if I need to pay to not have my tenant calling me all the time about some ants and she be happy, then so be it. She'll be there a year, it's just 2 days, she is neurotic but will keep the place neurotically clean- I would rather that than she be unhappy or have someone who leave it filthy and I feel good for being kind to her. She appreciates it (for now at least, maybe she will be a bad tenant later, who knows, but for now all good) and happy days. This is simply how I live my life.

    In terms of doing the repairs myself, again, you confuse my point. I am not asking what to do. I know I could easily fix the problems myself, that isn't the issue. I didn't fix them because I should not have to and because in fixing something which should not be broken you are complicit in allowing someone to go on treating people this way. That is not how I roll. I believe people need to take responsibility and those who can stand up to people who treat people badly, like I am able to, should.

    What was puzzling me, as you know, was why would the landlord have left the place empty for so long and thus let it get into a state of such disrepair and lose so much rental income and now suddenly be arguing over a few hundred quid. I believe I have my answer. PLANNING PERMISSION. During the empty period he had applied for planning permission and so presumably was expecting a visit and as he doesn't want the council to know he rents (wild guess but not a massive leap) I think he wanted to make sure no council officials coming to do the surveying for the planning permission got wind of him renting in case they let the relevant department know. Permission was granted 2 months before I moved in. The plot thickens.


      No the plot doesnt thicken - no matter how often you add new ingrediants and stir.
      My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


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