What on god's green earth is a 'review bundle'?

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    What on god's green earth is a 'review bundle'?

    It's (thankfully) been a number of years since I've had to evict anyone, and clearly there have been changes to the system since then.

    Quick summary:

    Tenants reached sufficient arrears so I served a S8 back at the start of July. Upon expiry I tried to file a claim via the MCOL website. Mysteriously the site was broken, so I filed the claim the old-fashioned way by completing paper N5, N119 etc., making multiple copies of those, plus copies of S8, proof of postage and rent statement, and posting them all into the court.

    Just today (how slow is that????) I got the claim paperwork back with no hearing date but instead with a notice telling me that a judge is going to 'review' the case in November, and that I must provide to the court (and the defendant) a bundle of all documents filed in the case to date.

    What do they mean by this? I put 4 copies of everything (there are 2 defendants) into the bundle that I sent in originally. The only thing that will have changed by the review date are the numbers on the rent statement. Is that all I need to send? Or is there something else?

    Any help very much appreciated.

    Id create a copy of everything you've provided already (numbered and with a contents page) and a current rent due schedule.
    You want it to be as simple as possible for the judge.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      It's a term used often in connection with tribunals, it's simply a 'bundle' of your argument and evidence for it.

      It is your argument supplied to the court, and also to the other party(s) so that they have a chance to see (review) your argument and counter any particular points in it if they want to.

      You already seem to have provided multiple copies.

      But from reports elsewhere (benefits/immigration tribunals) the courts administrative systems are in a bit of a mess at the moment with paperwork, and it's not unusual for you to be requested to send things that you already have, or things that aren't needed or even aren't relevent to the (type of) case being heard.

      What you have got seems to be a standard letter, sent out by someone who hasn't checked/doesn't know what you have already sent so is requesting it to make sure.

      You could phone the clerk of court and query it, the contact details should be on the letter, but as said it's probably easier to just send what they are requesting (again).

      PS. July to November is not slow where bringing a court case is concerned, in fact at the moment post-covid I'd say it's pretty speedy.


        Many thanks both of you. The form also states that I must confirm that the bundle I send in "...includes all required material and information, including the information required by Practice Direction 55A para 2.3(5)I..."

        By googling I found the following, which seems to be a good fit, bar the fact that there's no "2.3(5)I", only a 2.3(5) (a) and (b). Is it the right thing. If so what does the 'I' mean in the form they sent me?:

        PRACTICE DIRECTION 55A – POSSESSION CLAIMS - Civil Procedure Rules (justice.gov.uk)


          They're basically, and politely, saying; whatever you sent them was potentially too incoherent for a Judge to quickly make heads or tails of.

          Your bundle should include:
          A witness statement (the story so far in numbered bullet-points) - laid out in the correct format and executed using the proper attestation
          A list of exhibits (evidence) - As referenced in the witness statement (Exhibit A - Current statement of rent, etc, etc)
          Copies of each exhibit - Every exhibit labelled and placed in order (A,B,C,etc)
          A schedule of costs - If you're looking to reclaim court, solicitor, other costs
          A copy of all receipts for costs incurred


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