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  • oystersequel
    started a topic False call Out

    False call Out

    I had a call from a tenant stating the central heating controller has stopped working. On arrival at the house, the controller was blank. I removed it from the wall and put an electrical tester on the backing plate, it had no power. I ask my electrician to attend the house, he arrived when I was there. He went into the garage and found a switch on the wall (concealed behind the fridge) and switched it on, this cured it. My tenant denied switching it off and I have been billed £60.00.

    I told my tenant that I am not prepared to pay for a false call out. After an unpleasant exchange, I agreed to pay half, now he refuses to pay it. has anyone else had false call out invoices to pay.

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  • Reply to VAT @ 20% on energy bills charged on by letting agent ?
    by Sydaton
    I'm not saying that it's correct for the agent to add VAT (because it's a disbursement not a supply) but if they were adding 20% to the net price they wouldn't be losing any money.

    The sums would be
    purchase £100 + 5% VAT = £105
    sale £100 + 20% VAT = £120

    25-01-2022, 13:59 PM
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    My agent collects rent from my student tenants along with a monthly utilities charge.as part of their "Bills Inclusive" package
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    25-01-2022, 11:13 AM
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    As a word of warning - it took my insurers two months to arrange a first inspection by their loss adjuster and five months to agree to lift floor coverings to inspect beneath after water ingress in a rental.

    As frustrating as it is for you, I don't think that your tenants complaining about...
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    Tell the council that you can't do what they ask and move on....
    25-01-2022, 13:05 PM
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    This is a common thread.

    OP - What should I do at the end of the fixed term, let it go periodic or a new fixed term?
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    Is it a simple case of just giving her another AST contract to sign? Im sure it is, but wondered if theres anything...
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  • Reply to Water Damage
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    I think I'd be on the phone every day to the Council insurers demanding an immediate inspection....
    25-01-2022, 12:47 PM
  • Reply to VAT @ 20% on energy bills charged on by letting agent ?
    by jpkeates
    That's not correct, and I think the agent has either misunderstood or the accountant has been misinformed about what the agent is doing.

    And it's going to be costly to the agent.
    Output VAT is payable to the state, because it a tax.
    As the agent isn't actually adding any value...
    25-01-2022, 12:46 PM