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  • DPT57
    You dont need a solicitor. Just contact the deposit scheme and decline the landlords request. In your evidence you can say that you were present for the check out inspection and there were no issues. The agent would have to blatantly lie to contradict you, which I doubt they would do.

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  • jpkeates
    Was there a question?

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  • theartfullodger
    Did you take your own notes of condition, loads of 'photos etc?

    Start dispute process with DPS today

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  • Interlaken
    Is this the DPS Insured scheme or custodial? What did the DPS tell you when you made contact earlier?

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  • Bern-1000
    started a topic Landlord / DPS deposit return

    Landlord / DPS deposit return

    I took on a one bedroom flat tenancy in Southport late December 2020.
    Because of shall we say disturbances in the flat below... by early August I sadly gave notice to leave.
    I contacted the agent who on my last day turned up with his inventory notes for the flat inspection. It probably took just under an hour to tick all the boxes on his pad, with absolutely no questionable issues outstanding. I left the property around 2pm with the agent remaining at the flat.
    I had previously made contact with DPS re my deposit situation. Several days went by when I called in to the agents office regarding progress but it seems the landlord had not agreed the return. I went back to the agent a day or so later..he went on to tell me the landlord wanted to most of the deposit for carpet damage (wet) which of course was totally untrue!!
    Weather there is now collusion going on I dont know but Ive given the matter to a solicitor..


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    by Hudson01
    I can see it is a complicated arrangement but as JKO says, this is your home, if you are not happy where you are then move, why try and go down the route of conflict when all it will end up with is your eventual eviction, which i am sure will come not of your choosing and as sods law often dictates...
    28-11-2021, 12:39 PM
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    Hello, I have a question about my legal status in private rented accommodation.

    I live in a private rented house. The entire house is rented from the landlord by one individual (let's call her Sara). Sara has a bedroom in the house and a lot of stuff in the cupboards all around the house....
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    My flat already had curtains when I bought it, so I left them in. Then my very obliging first tenant installed vertical blinds all round, which he left when he went to say at Her Majesty's Prison . I have left them in for all other tenants since.

    In response to the OP, I would put...
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    Hi all. Wonder if you can advise. I gave a fully unfurnished property to a tenant and they were aware of it. Now they have moved in, they have asked if I can get all poles bought and fitted in the rooms for curtains. It will be added cost for me to buy 6 poles and fitting cost ect. What is best way...
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  • Reply to Am I a lodger or a tenant?
    by JK0
    Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? She's not kicked you out. If you don't like your housemate, move, surely?

    I wouldn't be laying the law down to Sarah, as I suspect you may still be a lodger.
    28-11-2021, 12:22 PM
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    A Lodger (Excluded Occupier) needs to be excluded as his Notice Period has expired (one calendar month), and he refuses to leave

    I understand Police will not get involved to remove him, even though he is tresspassing, understand they view this as Civil not criminal....
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  • Reply to Tenancy issues - No Deposit Scheme, demanding deposit back
    by KTC
    Well, it is too late for no penalty but you knew that already. Like theartfullodger said, make a offer to settle. I'll make it a formal Part 36 offer to avoid any argument. The +£1 is unnecssary, if you made the offer, they need to beat it. It is highly unlikely for a court to award the maximum 3x...
    27-11-2021, 22:52 PM
  • Tenancy issues - No Deposit Scheme, demanding deposit back
    by llplug
    I am a private landlord who has not put tenants deposit into Deposit scheme - I now understand the errors of my ways, put my hand up, my fault, been lax

    Tenant has had a number of minor issues (sink drainage, plug not working, bedroom light not working) which I have made an effort to rectify,...
    19-11-2021, 15:49 PM