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    New front door and windows

    I'm looking into having a new front door, living room and first floor windows fitted to my rental property, and the letting agency "go to guy" really doesn't inspire confidence when I met him today! (On other quotes for different work) He mentioned that the glass needs to be toughened if below a certain height? Has anyone else heard of this?
    Also does the windows and door need to be fitted by a fensa approved fitter?


    Yes if the windows are below a certain height, they need to be toughened glass so that someone can't accidentally break it. If they are at standard level then no toughened glass is required. Also windows need to be a certain width in case of fire.

    FENSA is only the body that regulates the industry, if there are any issues you can refer back to them, some builders will fit the units themselves but get the units from manufacturers who are Fensa approved, if they fit incorrectly you don't have any recourse.


      It would be better to get a specialist window fitter or someone recommended by the manufacturer rather than use the 'go to guy'.


        To be fair to the '' go to guy '', he did know of the height restriction for toughened glass...... so he must have some knowledge. I have seen widows etc fitted by some of the more wider known firms out there and they are not all that, they often employ fitters who on a daily rate so you may simply end up with another '' go to guy '' but with a more well known firms logo on his overalls, and pay a lot more !


          Replacing windows & doors come under building control so when you come to sell your property you will be expected to have the correct paperwork. This is either a building control sign off or a FENSA or CERTASS certificate issued under the competent persons scheme.

          I would be going to a specialist company rather than the 'go to guy' but you can always compare quotes. A FENSA or CERTASS registered company will give you a guarantee and given that they do this and only this, will probably do a quicker &/or better job. If your 'go to guy' does it you will need to apply and pay for an inspection by building control.

          Windows do need to be toughened glass below a certain height and will not require planning permission unless you significantly change the look of the property or are in a conservation area. They should have trickle vents fitted and should not reduce the size of the existing opening. They must also comply with current fire safety regs ie they should open wide enough to exit upstairs.

          Find a local company with a set price rather than a national company with a 'special offer if you sign up today' price and get a couple of quotes.


            Originally posted by Hudson01 View Post
            To be fair to the '' go to guy '', he did know of the height restriction for toughened glass...... so he must have some knowledge.
            I know about the toughened glass rule on windows doors and furniture but that doesn't mean I could fit replacement windows and doors!


              Agree with above, i guess it's all down to recommendation............. where ever they come from, it is this which really counts.


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