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    It sounds like you have been remarkably understanding and lenient- there was no way my tenants were being allowed back in once the bailiffs had attended. I had thought I would shift everything out onto the roadside if they wanted to collect anything, but in the event there was far, far too much stuff. They did come back last Monday for some personal effects and also to remove some furniture etc to go to charity. I didn’t want my mum (the landlord) present, as the tenants have wound her up on multiple occasions so instead I attended (along with a male friend for corroboration and backup if needs be). I’d made it cleat to the ex-tenants that we did not wish to get into any argument with them so we sat passively on the grass while their removal men did their work (I’d brought a flask of tea and a packet of those really chocolatey M&S biscuits!)
    They weren’t happy, but then neither am I at the state of the place; will probably still cost ~1K to empty.

    Never mind. That’s that- we can get done what we need and move on. You’ve just got to keep in mind that this is what you’ve been aiming for for the past year and a half. You don’t have to have anything more to do with the horrible gentleman you’ve evicted. Take your time, try not to let it get you down, tidy it up and then plan for your future.

    All the best for that future Perce!


      Thank you Slackjawedyokel.

      I was amazed how many people from the block where my tenant lived came to support me on the day the eviction took place. They all knew what was going on and they were all tenants themselves. He did not cause them any problem.

      I told my tenant that in spite of everything let us part on good terms. He said he wanted to be constructive for once in his life and clean the apartment. I said no need. It’s best if he goes and sorts out his life. He took some of my stuff to the skip in the end. Seeing people in this state of going downhill was distressing for me. He was a professional person. Don’t know what happened to him.


        Good luck Perce… I am happy to hear that you and tenant were at least in speaking terms when he left. My ex Ts are different story all together. All sorts of people, mainly prospective landlords are asking me for a reference in the last week with regards to my ex tenant - I try to be constructive but it is difficult to be kind in the given circumstances.

        I have put my house up in sale and have accepted an offer just above asking price - so another process which I have to learn as I have not done sale of house before. I hope this journey will be much happier one than the renting/ eviction business.

        all best to you Perce , don’t put any pressures on yourself and give your pat on the back for coping with situation and following it through.


          Congratulations Perce. I’m so happy to hear this is over. You have been through total hell with this. I remember the support you gave me - and how upbeat and optimistic you were about it all. Yours was 16 months, mine was 21 months. I’ve left the place empty. Cannot bear dealing with it or hearing from the agent or having anything to do with it. So pleased this chapter is closed for you.


            Bit gutted I hadnt been online for a while to give you some support on this one, but great result. It is rough, nobody likes to do this to people, but it is what it is.



              I did notice you were not on the forum for quite awhile and you are such a valuable member. I did appreciate your comments in the past and even saved them. Thank you.

              My tenant was sinking lower and lower and could drag any person or a landlord easily with him.

              Now it is another much more pleasant chapter to sort things out.

              There was someone else on this forum whose eviction was on 27th. I hope it went well for them.


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              • Reply to Boundary fence
                by DPT57
                Once you're certain that your deeds are correct on the matter and not in conflict with his deeds, you can send him a letter demanding that he remove his fence and reinstate yours or one substantially similar. If he doesn't comply, you would send a Letter Before Action and ultimately sue him for the...
                23-09-2021, 16:44 PM
              • Boundary fence
                by Ollyn

                On my Deeds, it shows which fence is my responsibility, and I have always maintained it.

                My new neighbour acquired the property next door, and later, without my knowledge or prior agreement, removed the fence completely, and replaced it with a lower one.

                23-09-2021, 09:06 AM
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                by DPT57
                You could look in an area that has companies nearby or where you have relatives who could manage it on a holiday let/Airbnb basis for you whilst you're away. You would need to pay them for cleaning/laundry/advertising and managing bookings etc plus whatever profit is appropriate, but you would still...
                23-09-2021, 16:40 PM
              • Finding a Home That I Can Legally Sublet in its Entirety
                by jamesbridge
                Does anyone know how I might find myself a flat to live in that I can later sublet in its entirety?

                I am wanting to spend 6 months at a time in Canada and then 6 months in the UK and repeat this - while keeping the same UK address and subletting the UK flat while I am away in Canada each...
                20-09-2021, 13:43 PM
              • Reply to Boundary fence
                by Hudson01
                Do this........ get all your ' ducks in a row ' before you do anything in court, the courts can be harsh with those who do not have all the facts/paperwork in place, it does not come down to right or wrong, but what you can prove.

                If he is one of those charming fellows who thinks he is...
                23-09-2021, 16:14 PM
              • Reply to If I issue a section 8 and its not contested, will I definitely get the warrant?
                by DPT57
                I think its highly unlikely that they are going to take you to court for illegal eviction with the accusation that you deprived them of the ability to run the cannabis farm. Just take possession and move-on.
                23-09-2021, 16:12 PM
              • If I issue a section 8 and its not contested, will I definitely get the warrant?
                by darkdev
                I have a tenant on a long lease (12 months to run), I need to evict them with a section 8 which will be focused on the fact they were running a cannabis farm. Tenants seem to have run off, haven't heard from them in 3 weeks. If as you might expect they don't contest the eviction, will I definitely...
                22-09-2021, 12:42 PM
              • Reply to False call Out
                by DPT57
                There is an isolator switch behind the microwave oven in my mother's flat and if she closes the microwave door a bit hard, it moves back just enough to turn off the switch. Is it possible that something similar happened with your fridge?...
                23-09-2021, 15:46 PM
              • False call Out
                by oystersequel
                I had a call from a tenant stating the central heating controller has stopped working. On arrival at the house, the controller was blank. I removed it from the wall and put an electrical tester on the backing plate, it had no power. I ask my electrician to attend the house, he arrived when I was there....
                20-09-2021, 17:50 PM
              • Reply to LL feeling sorry for those tenants who work......
                by DPT57
                With respect, your costs are irrelevant. The market rent is the market rent and if yours is priced above it, you won't get much serious interest....
                23-09-2021, 15:20 PM