Early release agreed but LL wants tenant to vacate 4 days early but still pay?

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    Early release agreed but LL wants tenant to vacate 4 days early but still pay?

    My daughter (young professional) rented a flat but hasn't ended up living there due to covid etc. She asked to end tenancy early and this was agreed subject to the agents finding a new tenant.

    New tenant is moving in on 30th July, however daughter has been told she has to vacate/ have final inspection/hand back keys on 26th but has to pay up to 30th!

    Surely this can't be right and is just the letting agents trying it on to give themselves more time for cleaning etc?

    The agent has told her "Usually tenants on early release need to vacate the property 5 days before the new tenant moves in"

    Anyone know if this is in any way legit? She can't be held liable e.g. for bills etc once she has moved out, but officially her tenancy doesn't end until 30th?

    The landlord/agent can pretty much come to any arrangement that they like, they're under no obligation to end the tenancy early, so there's not a lot you can do in practice.

    I'd guess the agent is doing exactly what you suggest.
    But if it gets your daughter out of the agreement early, that's still a win.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      You've got a rent waiver of several months, but are still moaning about paying the rent until the new person moves in?


        JK0 - No, actually the rent waiver only ends up being about 14 days. Although they agreed the early release months ago it has taken them this long to find a new tenant, then they gave my daughter one week's notice that they wanted her to move out on 26th!

        Her next tenancy doesn't start until 27th (in a different part of the country) and the agent is refusing to let her stay an additional day, which seems rather unfair when she's paying until 30th.


          Being practical.

          TBH her only problem, apart from a couple of days rent, is the moving date.
          Get the movers to collect the furniture as their last job of the day, keep it in the van overnight, and deliver it the next day. Might cost a few quid extra for keeping it overnight at their insurance risk..
          She can stop in a hotel/B&B for one night.

          If she wants to be bloody minded:

          She could tell the agent that she decided to not take the 'offered' early release and will now be staying the extra 14 days for the full term agreed. (Which she would have to pay rent for, probably more than the extra for the movers keeping furniture overnight and a hotel).
          That leaves them with an awkward legal situation; they have agreed to rent out a property that already has a sitting tenant with a valid tenancy agreement.
          No doubt they will agree to let her stay until the 27th (or even the 30th but she wasn't going to do that anyway).


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