Reassurance that good tenants exist!

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    Reassurance that good tenants exist!

    Hi all

    I am a tenant and from what I have read on this forum in recent weeks I feel me and my partner are in the minority!

    We have been renting together for about 18 months, prior to that I owned a property with my parents.

    In our last property we did have problems with paying the rent late. This was a genuine issue with my bank, so I changed bank accounts and in recent months had no problem. During the problems with my previous bank I was only ever at most 2 days late with the rent.

    I have today received an email from our previous letting agent to let us know that she has checked the house following our departure and has thanked us for leaving it in such a good clean condition. She is going to transfer our deposit into our account today and we have had absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    Our new landlord is coming to do a couple of little jobs for us today.

    I am a tenant, I have my own insurance, I do not cause a nuisance to my neighbours, I pay my rent on time, I do not damage the property, nor do I allow my cats to do so and I would never dream of leaving a property in a filthy state. If we have a problem we notify our landlords as soon as possible and are happy to allow reasonable access (shift patterns allowing) for any works or routine checks to take place.

    I just wanted to offer some reassurance to all the landlords out there that seem to be having such a hiddeous time that good tenants do exist!

    On another note, I have 4 CCJ's! We therefore rent in my partner's name and I am just named as being allowed to live in the property. Despite this, it is always me that pays the rent, and the majority of bills are in my name. I won't bore you with the reasons why I have such an appauling credit history, save to say, that adverse credit does not necessarily equal a bad and unreliable tenant!

    It is refreshing to read of good tenants! To be honest I think most of them are OK, we only get to hear about the bad ones on forums/fora like this. My last one was a nightmare. The only thing she did right was pay the rent, but other than that everything else was either trashed or dirty. This woman had no CCJs against her name either but unfortunately there isn't a test to see if tenants are clean/tidy/have respect for other people's property. I wish there was!

    We now have new tenants in our property, who are friends we've known for 9years and have sold their house with the intention of emigrating. We have no such worries with them, they work for the Inland Revenue and earn loads of money and are extremely houseproud! Our son is friends with their daughter and we regularly socialise. We are very lucky.

    Good luck with your new tenancy and continue setting a good example! Many tenants could take a leaf out of your book.


      Thank you for your post carebear.1981.

      You and your partner have been very sensible by solely naming your partner as tenant. Hope that your credit record recovers sufficiently in the nearish future. Keep building up a flawless record of utility bill payments.

      I also hope that you continue to seek out exemplary landlords.


        There are plenty of professional tenants, I was one for two years. I had to work abroad in Australia, taking Mrs Mug with me. We kept the house immaculate and cause no damage whatsoever. We also tidied up the gardens and re-laid the rear lawn and kept it watered. When we left the house was in a better state than when we arrived.

        When we returned to our Bristol house which had been lent out to a female solicitor we found a lot of furniture had been damaged due to a slow leak from the bathroom above, the tenant hadn’t bothered to move it to one side and the veneer had lifted, it was expensive stuff also. In the bedroom there were marks and names on the wall were she and her boyfriend had marked their heights, morons. In the kitchen she had been using a Wok, the whole area felt like there was a layer of semi-set glue, like the carpet in a busy bar.

        So professional tenants with good credit history and good references can be a risk also.
        I also post as Moderator2 when moderating


          Hear hear, my ex-tenant was a teacher at a private school with perfect references and credit history and she still saw fit to cook chips every day and leave gluey residue all over the entire ground floor. Oh, and let her dogs wee on the floors so the whole house smelt of ammonia.

          I've been a tenant myself in Belgium and we were very careful to look after the house and garden and left it in a perfect state. When we returned to our house, which had also been let, we found it perfect too! And that lot of tenants had got a CCJ against them. Just goes to show...


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