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  • royw
    In your LL's defence finding a decent roofer is a nightmare where I live. You either get a muppet in a reasonable timeframe or wait a long time for a good one. I waited 2 years to get my own roof fixed because I preferred to empty a bucket than have a bodged job. I agree what you have had to put up with is unacceptable and in your position I would ask for a reduction.

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  • Hudson01
    Given your LL appears to have employed total Muppets he should be moving you out until the job is done, his LL insurance should have cover for alternative accommodation.

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  • Gary_236
    started a topic Roof Problems

    Roof Problems

    Been a tenant in my flat for 7 years. Been a great tenant, always pay rent on time. No issues at all. I like the location, it's close to my friends, so everything is fine. The property is a house split into 4 flats. I am top floor flat. New landlord bought property last summer. I started to get a leak in my bedroom onto my bed. I informed the landlord in September 2020, when it first started. It didn't happen all the time, but it happened enough to be annoying. I informed him on 3 different occasions over the next few months.

    I understand winter is tricky for a roofing job so eventually Landlord said roofers would be round in May 2021.Fine, no issues. The roofers have been here 3.5 weeks and job still not complete. Is that normal? I thought it would take a week maximum to replace a roof? I'm working from home and the roofers have been so loud. It's very distracting and hard to concentrate. That's just one of those things, the work needs doing but it has been difficult for me.

    The problems are the issues. Been a small hole in roof since first few days. Reported it to Landlord, said it would be fixed. Been loads of dirt outside my front door (a little sky window above the door). Landlord said they would clean it. Nothing happened for 2 weeks.

    The other day as I was working at home, a roofers leg fell through the roof. A massive hole in the celing. They also fell through in a small enclosed cupboard space, near my bed. Also a large crack in bedroom celing. Informed Landlord he came down, they put a temporary board over the 2 holes. Said a plasterer would be down next day. It rained for 6 hours that night, my bed was soaked. Loads of water came through the 2 large holes, I tried to catch as much in pans as I could. Living room soaked. Bed soaked. Horrendous night.

    No plasterers came the next day. However a third large hole occurred when one of the roofers again stepped through celing that day. Plastering people came next day filled in all the holes. Massive stain on carpet from where water came through, that part of the carper was cleaned. Today, was working and came into bedroom and noticed a massive leak on bed again. Bed is completely soaked again. Was told a new mattress would be here today. Now, I have been told it will be tomorrow.

    I am hugely disappointed with how this has all went down. I just think it's unacceptable. I understand problems can happen but this has been one thing after another. This has been a nightmare. I feel a rent reduction next month is fair. Would you agree? I pay £500 per month and feel a 50% reduction would be fair, considering the huge problems I have encountered. I typing this now in my room and the bed absolutely stinks, been soaked right through. Thanks for reading.

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