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    Should I tell my landlord?

    Hi all, new to the forum! I’m just after some advice as to whether I should inform my landlord about a situation with my neighbours. Just for reference, I am renting a ground floor flat that was previously a house and is now two flats. As it’s an old building the walls are paper thin so it can get noisy.

    the previous tenants that were renting the upstairs flat have recently moved out and we now have a new set of neighbours - a couple with two young children. We rarely had noise issues with the previous neighbours, as there is a clause in our contracts about noise consideration such as not watching tv or listening to music past 10pm. We were always considerate of them and they did the same for us, so it was an amicable arrangement.

    Unfortunately, the new neighbours are extremely noisy (the adults too, not just the children). They’ve been here for about a month now and there is constant noise from school pick up until they put their children to bed around 8pm (running around, screaming, jumping on the floor which is obviously my ceiling). Unfortunately the noise doesn’t stop with the kids going to bed, as their mother will watch tv, sometimes as late as 1am in her living room, which shares a wall with our bedroom. This is impacting us sleeping. There is a clause in our contracts about this exact situation, but it seems they either haven’t read this clause or have chosen to ignore it.

    I completely understand that children will be noisy and excitable, and I’m certainly not expecting them to be silent! But as this noise is pretty constant and extremely loud, I spoke to the father. I tried to be polite, and merely pointed out that they were making quite a lot of noise and would appreciate it if they could be a little more considerate of us downstairs. He was very dismissive of me and said kids will be kids and that was that. I explained to him that I of course appreciate they have young children, and didn’t expect them to be silent, I just hoped they could appreciate the fact that it sounds like they’re going to come through my ceiling!

    5 minutes later the mother is banging on my door and is extremely angry with me about my conversation with the father. I reiterated what I had told the father, about not expecting silence and understood that children are noisy, I just would appreciate it if they could be a little more considerate of us and we would do the same for them. She wasn’t having any of it, claiming that because I don’t have children I don’t get an opinion on how to parent. I said to her I wasn’t trying to tell her how to parent, I just hoped she could be considerate of the fact that we also live in the same building. Her response to this was that she pays a lot to live here so will do what she wants and won’t be making her kids be quiet when they want to be excitable. I pointed out that I too pay a lot to live here, so should also be able to enjoy my home the way she does hers. It was clear she wasn’t going to listen to reason, as she got extremely agitated any time I tried to explain that I didn’t expect her to completely silence her children. She ended the conversation by swearing at me to which I closed the door. This was followed by her going back up to her flat and jumping up and down on the floor, in what I assume was an attempt to be vindictive.

    I know that my landlord will not be able to, nor should he have to, do anything about this situation with the neighbours. I only ask whether I should tell him as I know he has a good relationship with their landlord. Our landlord is seriously great, and I would hate for noisy neighbours to impact his letting the property in the future. Especially as if this situation continues, I am unlikely to continue our lease when it runs out. I thought maybe letting him know the situation would at least make him aware. I definitely don’t expect it to rectify my situation.

    Yeah, why not ? I would want to know about something impacting on my investment. I hope you reach some solution


      I have seen this exact situation in my job....... look to move, it will not be resolved. The flats i dealt with were purpose built so you would have expected the correct amount of sound separation, in your situation that will not even be there, you will go round in circles, have lots of stress and probably move in the end anyway. I understand that the housing situation is bad, but families with kids in flats do not go. Tell the LL by all means, but explain that you are actively looking for somewhere else..... and mean it.


        I think you should probably move. This isn't going to get any better whilst they're living there.


          Unfortunately different type of T's will move into properties, some good, some bad. You've been lucky in the past, unfortunately not on the current tenancy. As you've stated unless the LL owns all the whole building and not just your apartment, there isn't much the LL can do to enforce the conditions on the lease (if they could). If the LL invested in acoustic walls, floors, ceilings this would mitigate some of the noise but not all of it and at great expense.

          The only solution is to stick it out and hope that the T leaves, and you get better luck with the next T's, alternatively you may have to find another place to live.


            I have to say that I think the Landlord should have considered this BEFORE he/she accepted a family with kids to live there.

            Converted houses are notoriously noisy and it is crazy that the LL would think this to be an acceptable way forward (obviously he/she is only thinking in ££££ terms) - if both flats had families then fine, but to move a family in is just inconsiderate.

            The fact that this family doesn't have any outside space will create even more noise as the kids let off steam.

            Sadly, I think the only solution is for you to move out - but not to a ground floor flat.

            I cannot see that the clause you mention is in any way enforceable BUT you may be able to use it against your LL to allow you to move out early.

            The LL can then move a family in to your property and each can make as much noise as they wish to annoy each other.

            My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


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