Tenant . log burner to replace open fire or electric night storage heater . Costs

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    Tenant . log burner to replace open fire or electric night storage heater . Costs

    Good afternoon.

    I have a tenant at a house for 5 years now and had the chimney outside stack removed in March this year. Prior to this it was an open fire.

    am I supposed to replace this with a log burner as it’s very costly for the installation, flue and liner and it’s only secondary heating . My contract just says heating, not specified what type . The rest of the house has night storage heater in it which are compliant with epc rules
    I’m aware some people in general don’t like the costs or use of a nsh as sometimes find wood cheaper but feel it is safer to have a nsh in the long term as adequate and satisfactory heating.

    I would be grateful for general advice

    Did the tenant agree to losing the fire?
    You're not really meant to change what they're renting without their agreement.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      my tenant had (expensive) propane heating. I removed the gas fire and put in a multi fuel stove and this has been a really good solution as she leaves the gas central heating off and just runs the fire much of the time. Storage heating is awful if you have no other means of heat (even when properly used).
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        The chimney was in poor condition , old and water ingress so been advised best to take down


          The tenant was made aware of this and alternative heating of nsh recommended as rest of property run on nsh.


            Why do landlords refuse to maintain and correct faults. ?

            Quote "The chimney was in poor condition" -- Then you FIX it. then you would not be on here asking your question

            House I rent ( I let properties as well ), they are the same.

            Small knee height wall between rear garden flags and grass -- Oh, you say it wants rebuilding / pointing -- nahh, can't be bothered we will just remove it.
            No you won't I said.

            Double driveway gates between house and high boundary wall. and very effective in stopping trespasers ( although there is another plywood door between house and garage, which i made them re-frame ) and gates are VERY effective in hiding / protecting expensive car from view.
            Asked them to re-hang as bolts coming out of brickwork ---- nahh, can't be bothered we will just remove them. No you won't I said.
            Took 2 years to convince to rehang gates with PROPER expansion bolts instead of plastic rawl plugs a bolts.

            Got a carbon monoxide alarm just dropped through the letter box with letter stating - you need on of these.

            And because I mentioned these things, I get a letter saying, "you can always leave" My thoughts were, No I won't, and did not reply to that letter.

            Because I argued the point ( diplomatically - unlike my agressive comments in some of my posts ) that they can't let a property, then start removing items, and the advantages of repairing and not removing, I was not asked to leave.

            Am I lucky, - yes and no,

            However I have not had a rent rise in 7 years, Mainly because I keep the house exceptionaly well maintained, ( pressure wash flags and paths ) re-treat the decking every year or so ( which is the landlords job ) they know that their next tenant may not be so "house proud"


              Thank you for all the replies


                I wouldn't be happy with a nsh instead of a fire. We have a wood burner in the living room and use little additional heating, it's far more cost effective and warmer for us than CH. If you've knocked the chimney down I think you can't have a wood burner anyway as it requires a chimney?


                  No way I would replace or install a solid fuel appliance, way too dangerous and not environmentally friendly. Get some real nice ones on YouTube, that’s what I use at Christmas on TV…has everything…tree, gifts, fire even stockings. Just the job.


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