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    My parents have rented out their own house, a nice 4 bed in a good town. They used a reputable agent to find a tenant and carry out the necessary checks. The tenant has been a nightmare from day 1. When she moved in the house was immaculate and newly redecorated and carpeted throughout but she still complained about a whole list of ridiculous things like a blind wasn't perfectly level, the grass in the garden wasn't good enough.

    She was meant to be a career women with 2 daughters but actually fosters loads of kids. she broke covid lockdowns, abused the neighbours, left rubbish (including used sanitary towels) to fly around the road. She also paid the first 2 months and we haven't seen a penny since.

    From doing our own research We're pretty sure she doesnt work where she claims or have the salary she makes out. A neighbour overheard her being called a different name than we know her as. How would you go about investigating identity fraud etc and at what point would you report to the police?

    Apparently the letting agent doesn't have to give a copy of her documents including her references, without her consent. Do we need a lawyer to request these?

    We're obviously serving a s21 but also want to catch her in the fraud if we can.

    I assume that this tenant was on a ' tenant find ' basis only ? If so, the agent has little to gain in getting you a decent one, did you or your parents ' interview ' said lady before agreeing to letting the property to her ? I would not be too bothered now about the references, even if they are dodgy the cat is out of the bag, she is a bad one and you know it. I would spend all my time and effort in getting her out asap.

    The face to face interview with the tenants is the final hurdle, it is the only real chance you have of stopping the rubbish from getting into your property, if you do not have the ' nose for it ', then next time go for a fully managed service, then the agent has the headache as well.

    How do you know that all the legally necessary paperwork was issued ...... was the deposit protected ? What exactly have the agent given you in regards this lady.


      Originally posted by Bella54321 View Post
      Apparently the letting agent doesn't have to give a copy of her documents including her references, without her consent. Do we need a lawyer to request these.
      Many years ago, the ICO ruled that it was perfectly acceptable for a letting agent to pass on information about tenants gathered at the behest of their landlord clients.

      The agent was encouraged, however, to make it clear to any prospective tenants that the information given to them might be passed on to the landlord.

      It's been so long since that was made clear, any letting agent who doesn't advise prospective tenants about what might happen to their data is not operating professionally and should be reported to their redress scheme.
      It's a pretty basic thing to get wrong.

      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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