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    Perce what is a third party debt order - is it a type of enforcement?


      Yes. There are quite a few enforcements : bailiffs, charging order, bankruptcy, 3rd Party Debt Order, attachment of earnings


        Originally posted by Perce View Post
        I was told by bailiffs that I need to wait for 3 months if I need to trace the tenant in future.
        I've been given the same advice in the past.
        The idea is that it takes a while for records to be updated and be available for people to find.

        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          A quick update. It was two weeks yesterday since the eviction. I gave the ex-tenants 3 weeks to collect their belongings. Having heard nothing, I had a local house clearance chap up yesterday to quote for emptying the house (£1050; probably not too bad, but still over double the deposit).

          As someone (maybe jpkeates) suggested, I set up a burner email address so the tenants could contact us to arrange collection of their things-it hasn’t been used. Annoyingly, the gentleman tenant phoned my Mum yesterday; she was at a low ebb anyway, having just come out of the funeral of a lifelong friend. I think this man is an impotent bully who picks on people he thinks he can intimidate, usually women, hence he’s been aggressive with my mum and with my wife, but he’s only ever been polite/hectoring or a bit odd with me (a 6ft, shaven- headed farmer). He was wanting to arrange a removals firm to empty the house ‘for charity’ (lucky charity!), but he was also being quite rude and aggressive, slagging us off because we only gave them 2 weeks to move (well, yes; the court bailiffs gave them nearly 3weeks to move but the process kicked off in Oct 2019…), and that it was, to clean it up a bit, a ‘horrible damp house’ and how dare we house them in such awful conditions… Hmmmm… yet they were determined to stay there ‘til the bitter end? As I’ve said many times before, it’s a 100yr old cottage with 2ft thick solid walls. If it’s never ventilated, condensation settles in colder areas and causes mould, and boy these tenants could have set up farming the stuff😟. I still doubt there’s anything we could have done with these tenants in situ-I did consider installing a PIV system, but knowing these tenants it would have been switched off.

          Fortunately Mum is not easily cowed; it just came at a bad time.

          Anyway, Mum referred him back to the email address provided, but I’m not sure they are familiar with email technology. Still waiting for an email. If he is in touch, I’ll just have to lay down some strict ground rules, mainly
          1) Ex-tenants are not to enter the house or it’s garden.
          2) Ex-tenants are not to be rude or abusive.
          3) Failure to observe 1or2 will result in the immediate postponing of the collection until another day.

          I don’t like to be the sort of person that tells others what they can and can’t do, but it’s probably best to be a bit heavy handed in showing that we’ll take no more nonsense.

          I await an email!
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            I have finally had an email. My ex-tenants continue to take the Michael. I gave them 3 weeks from their bailiff appointment to retrieve their belongings. They want to come and retrieve their belongings ONE HOUR before that deadline passes 🙄. So I will have to drop my other plans and supervise that on Monday-I sure as heck am not going to give them an extension!


              Slackjawedyokel hope you are well. After Monday, don’t let your tenants anywhere near the property. Good luck


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