Private Tenant vs Landlords Need Advice Please

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  • theartfullodger
    Go after the daft landlord who failed to protect your deposit.

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  • PumaS3
    started a topic Private Tenant vs Landlords Need Advice Please

    Private Tenant vs Landlords Need Advice Please

    Hi everyone new here so here goes,

    I signed a 6 month AST in August 2019 when that tenancy was due to end I paid a fee to renew the tenancy for a further 6 months. In February 2020 signed a 6 month AST ended in August 2020. on 10th August 2020 I contacted the letting agent as to what was going to happen now the contract has already ended. Letting agent said landlords want their property back they went abroad for the year. Few days later received a 'notice requiring possession' of the property only given 6 weeks to vacate. I said I cannot find anywhere in that time due to coronavirus however, I will try.

    Letting agent said they will give me 1 month extra, In November 2020 I was given another 'notice requiring possession' of the property given only 3 months which ended in February 2021. I continued to stay in the property which I'm currently still in.

    The property was tired when I initially viewed the property however, I did not know how much disrepair the property was in, I have always informed the letting agent about any issues some works have been completed other costly work just ignored. In April 2021 the electrics has some issues so I was without power for over 12 hours, I contacted an electrician which I have used before for this property however letting agent ignored his calls and wished to use their own which turned out to be the landlords relative used to spy on me which will make sense in the next section.

    Beginning of June 2021 two gentleman turned up at the property twice with the second time me being there saying 'they have been instructed and acting independently on behalf of the landlord' I asked for verification they replied 'we cannot disclose that information nor would it be of any use to me', the other gentleman was recording me on his mobile device. The gentleman had 5-6 brown envelopes and an A4 notepad with writing which said 'How to Rent', EPC Cert, Gas Safety and Tenancy Agreement. I asked if I could look at the documents he said no I cant let you do that, then I refused to sign where they wanted me to he replied' so I take it your refusing to sign yeah' he said it twice then replied 'right I will continue with the other properties on my list' my neighbour noticed the guy and said it was the landlords friend. The next day a gentleman dropped letters to the door I picked them up turns out it was the documents that I refused to sign the previous day, I watched him leave then the landlord's wife's relative walked past the house recording me on her mobile device holding the letters, then the landlord himself drove past recording me I recognised the car so knew it was him. I called 101 who are now investigating it as harassment.

    Just received an email from the letting agent saying the landlords want to return my deposit I must provide my bank details (which they already have as that is what I used to pay the rent from).

    To summarise:
    I have never received information regarding the deposit
    I already have the Gas Safety Cert which was done in May 2021, but landlord has included one competed in July 2019 however I question why I receive the now and I have not got for for the year 2020.
    I have many versions of the How to Rent document
    Both notice to quit was on company headed paper the second one had the incorrect date.

    Where do I stand now please, do I accept the return of the deposit which I not correct as I think it should include the fees that I paid to renew the tenancy
    Regarding the deposit, I spoke to shelter who says I can claim compensation due to this not been done correctly, should I seek advice on how to complete this?

    To date I have paid rent late but I have no arrears was not even asked if I needed support during the first lockdown paid rent all on time until recently.

    I have contacted the 3 government deposit schemes all saying deposit not been protected nor was it ever.

    Thank you

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