Tenant asking basis for rent rise?

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    I’m long overdue a round of rent increases also, but because of all the help and support our government has given us private landlords recently, I shall just let the tail wag the dog. Don’t want to rock my boat and fall into these muddy waters right now.


      To coolshades.

      If your employer said to you, we are reducing your wages ( disposable income ) by £ 320 per month. and don't be rude and ask why. nor it's no business of yours either to ask why
      Would you accept it ? ( the reason being that wages in the same industry in the area are £ 320 lower )
      the £ 320 is the same percentage as the £ 100 rent increase - both give you and your tenant less disposable income ( 16 % ) and ..


        £100 /month is a HUGE increase. the tenant wasnt being rude, you were, for asking for such a big increase. wouldnt surprise me if the tenant took you to a rent tribunal to challenge it.


          2% increase every year - so much simpler

          IF I had initially lowered the rent to get someone in then I'd make it 5% every year to catch up (10% if it needed to be).

          While I do my best to get along with my tenants neither owes the other any favours so I keep it professional.
          My views are my own - you may not agree with them. I tend say things as I see them and I don't do "political correctness". Just because we may not agree you can still buy me a pint lol


            I bought a terraced house to rent out, the agent suggested 500 - 525 I suggested 575 and that is what it was rented out for
            Two years later the tenant left and the agent suggested 600 and I said 625 and that is what we have enquiries about.
            Ten years ago on business premises the agent suggested 8000 a year and I said try 9000 and that is what it was rented out at.
            I think sometimes agents pitch the rent low in order to get it rented and not have to deal with loads of enquiries and viewings.
            Am I wrong. ?


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