Claiming for return of deposit only, N208 or N1?

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    KTC - Yes, you are quite right. I was thinking that I should serve a letter to the new address, but it is the landlord's responsibility to provide a correct service address in the first place, or advise if the address has changed.


      You mentioned Companies House. Is the landlord a company or an individual who happens to own a company? If a company, sure the registered company address will work fine. If an individual, you'll have to be careful that you serve any claim to the correct address. It may be that you would need to file the claim and then apply for permission to serve at an alternative address or via different to normal method.

      The important bit to start off with is to get the claim in before limitation. A money claim has a specific pre-action protocol that you have to follow, which would yes normally involve communicating first. You can depart from it if your claim is close to limitation, but only to the extent that is necessary to make sure any claim isn't out of time.
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        The landlord, as stated in the tenancy agreement, is a limited company, so I should serve the claim to the registered company address. The question then is whether I would need to re-serve the letter before action, which was originally served to the service address stated in the TA, to the registered company address?


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