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    Should I let to this person?

    A two bedroom unfurnished flat of mine fell vacant a couple of weeks ago, and I put it back with the same agent. I have received an email from them as follows:

    Hi JK0

    Good news, we have received an offer on the property:

    The offer is from a single lady who would be moving in with her 2 year old child. The lady is starting a new job on Monday working as a nursery nurse. She has advised me she is going to be employed by a company, but will work in different locations providing cover for different nurseries locally.

    The lady’s income doesn’t meet the affordability criteria, but she will be receiving support from the council and also has a family friend who is happy to act as her financial guarantor.

    She has offered £900pcm to move in 1st June for 12 months with a 6 month break clause and she is happy to take the property “as seen”.

    Please let me know your thoughts.
    This normally would be a no, but tenants are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. What would you guys do?

    Income doesn't meet the affordability criteria

    That would seriously put me off. As tenants are thin on the ground in your area, you might be tempted to take a risk, but I'd wait a while longer - it's only been a couple of weeks.

    I'm assuming this is a 'tenant find only' arrangement. If it is, you need to be careful - remember that the agent gets paid the same fee regardless of the quality of your tenant.


      As no one else has replied I would want to know where she is moving from and if possible get a landlord reference. With a 2 year old child wont she have to pay for someone to look after her child whilst at work. Does your lease prohibit her allowing the second bedroom or the flat to be used by another person. Is there a 5 week deposit. Why cant her parents be aske to go as Guarantors.
      Your place has been empty for two weeks, depending on the area but a house next to the one I rent out had 20 viewings in the first week the Letting Agents advertised it. Perhaps try a new letting agent ?
      Good Luck.


        I would. But that's me.

        With regards to Piffy's questions. If the tenant is on benefits, which it is suggested she is due to council help reference, then childcare is free. It's very possible that the child will be at nursery at the same place she is working.

        As for guarantors, could be that the parents are retired, don't own their own house, etc. There's a guarantor, surely thats all that matters.

        To me this is a person that is in need, so I am more inclined to assist them get back on their feet.


          Flats generally seem to be less in demand at the moment for obvious reasons, particularly in London. I thought things would have improved by now but given the supply I have seen it seems not. I would probably wait for a tenant that does meet all your requirements, especially in current times. I imagine it would be even harder than it is to evict a mother and child if you ever had to.


            I'd see how it pans out next week when things open up.


              Employed by a company and working in different nurseries sounds like she's signed up with a supply agency - I'd check that out. Working for a supply agency doesn't mean you're in work everyday and you don't have to accept work. If she decided to do no work would LHA cover the rent?

              If she's on supply it'd be a no from me.

              If she's on a guaranteed wage, how much is she short on affordability?

              She'll be getting a UC top up - has that been factored in?

              What support will she be getting from the council and how much? She'll be getting a CT reduction for single person occupancy, but is that all?

              When push comes to shove it seems guarantees are difficult to enforce.

              A 6 month's tenancy is all I ever give, why give more?

              Happy to take the property 'as seen' ? That suggests she's doing you a favour, I'd be so insulted! But that might just be the agent's wording.

              I'd be doing a bit more investigating for more details.


                Given what i have just read in the other posts i would decline, there are too many '' stories to tell '', this alone raises red flags for me, I do not take tenants on benefits and i do not take tenants who will need a guarantor, i am not sure what area you are in, but where i live the properties are flying off the shelves, way too many prospective tenants to pick from, even in a challenging market i do not compromise on what i want from tenants..... never, if you pick a '' wrong un ' you can be in for a 5 figure loss, it is not worth it, my properties stay empty until the right tenant comes along, it has served me well and i have never had a tenant in arrears or had any issues at all..... not saying i will in the future, but what ever i am doing for now, it works.
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                  If the lha rate for a 2 bed in your area is £900 or more then there shouldn't be an issue and she is likely to stay a long while


                    Originally posted by Section20z View Post
                    If the lha rate for a 2 bed in your area is £900 or more then there shouldn't be an issue and she is likely to stay a long while
                    What happens when they change the rules and freeze LHA rates below the market rate again?

                    (The LHA rate for a 2 bed in that area is £947.40 pcm incidentally.)


                      1. 2 year old, who is looking after the child while she's out?
                      2. Doesn't pass the affordability, but most likely gets aid from UC, there are more T's now getting state aid
                      3. Only started job recently, may not stick to it, if she has to work long distances frequently.
                      4. I'd get a guarantor or alternatively 3 months upfront

                      If point 4 isn't given then I'd wait a bit longer, any I've had my studio up for rent for a month, and had 30-40 enquires all unemployed, half didn't even turn up for viewings, a quarter "were living on someone's sofa", the quarter that did turn up and actually had 1 piece of reference you could check went for something cheaper in the area.


                        It's a no from me.


                          I've now got an offer of £850 from another pair of viewers.

                          This convid has really knocked Reading rents for six. A year ago I was getting £950.


                            That is odd as the rents around me have gone up...... and the number of properties to rent have gone down (could be a link )


                              Originally posted by Hudson01 View Post
                              That is odd as the rents around me have gone up...... and the number of properties to rent have gone down (could be a link )
                              Same here. My £450 pcm is now let at £550 pcm and I was inundated with enquiries. I had to pause the advert to get a breather. There are so fewer properties to let in my area than ever.


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