Thank you everyone for help you have given

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    Thank you everyone for help you have given

    Finally got our property back. The state of it is incredible as was the smell and flies - they had left rotting food out. I can't believe how dirty the walls and ceilings are although there were loads of candles around which my husband thinks is part of the problem. We're lucky there wasn't a fire considering the candle wax that had been spilled everywhere including carpets. The loft had been boarded and there were mattresses up there (and candles) so probably where the relative slept when he arrived. Once again smoke detectors and the CO detectors have been removed - that's three times now! Lots of post including from bailiffs (not ours). Anyway as it was supposed to be our pension and is currently my only income we have decided that we cannot be in this position again. 14 months without rent and the cost of getting it tidy (at least 4 skips).So a rather sad, once beautiful little house will be up for sale soon. I have learnt a lot from this forum but will obviously not be visiting again.

    It’s really sad to hear these outcomes.

    What did the agent have to say about the state of the property and their vetting processes?


      So sorry to hear this. It's very upsetting to say the least. I've been through it myself.


        And thank you for the update, so many stories are left hanging.
        Good luck


          Originally posted by Neelix View Post
          It’s really sad to hear these outcomes.

          What did the agent have to say about the state of the property and their vetting processes?
          The tenant was fine for over 4 years, never a late rent payment and the house kept OK. Having talked to neighbours it appears he went a bit weird at the start of Covid. He got aggressive, stopped talking to anyone and kept ranting about conspiracy theories and saying Covid didn't exist. The house was fine until he went back to Romania but the people he allowed to stay there when he left last June were the ones who have caused all the problems.


            pleasure to hear, all the best.

            The government and all the 'woke' charities need to realise that most landlords are an average citizen on an average wage, not a property mogul that can afford to be robbed.


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              The last full blown bailiff eviction I did was well before Covid. Using section 21 to evict a non paying, ASB, violent, drug dealing tenant's new boyfriend who made the neighbours' lives hell.

              Even so, with calm hindsight, the timescale was fairly reasonable.

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              I thought I’d start a new topic, rather than hijacking others as I’ve probably been guilty of that in the past.

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              That's a very good point. Shades of debtors' prisons.

              But it works both ways. I was summonsed for non payment of council tax on a rental property. Out of 250 rubber stamped hearings I was the only defendant to turn up in person.

              The council legal team agreed it had been settled...
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              The solicitor you spoke with i think was right, at the moment you are seen as the weaker party in this dispute and i see no reason why they would change their ways in the future, in fact i can see them taking even more liberties It may make the flat more difficult to sell with legal action taking place,...
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              Yes you can appeal but need to look at the specific grounds. Buy a copy of CPAG Welfare Benefits Handbook, it's all in there.
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