Question on letting out ‘residential’ park homes please

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    Question on letting out ‘residential’ park homes please

    I’m considering buying two park homes and letting out one to pay the running costs on both while I live in the other one.

    currently ( pre exchange) one has full lifelong freehold tenure , the other one is a 25 year lease with residential status and the applications to convert it to full life long freehold status have I’m assured been submitted.

    Ive never Owned such property before. It’s critical there are no reasons why I cannot rent either of them out at any time on either assured shirt term tenancies or holiday / air bnb style let’s as I wish over the years .

    The seller says this will not be any problem but I just have her word for it . Could this be a problem at all ??

    Obviously I will ask for copies of the lease and titles but thought I’d just ask here for general comment / observations ahead of getting into the solicitor costs etc

    In case it makes any difference these are timber frame modern non standard construction lodged built as holiday homes but with residential status granted.

    Apologies if If May seem an obvious answer
    but the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask right ?

    thanks .

    Google -- letting out park homes


    There is also something about you have to live there for at least 125 days a year if you let it out.


      Yes in my experience the majority of mobile home park leases preclude renting out both using ASTs or holiday let. This is a holiday park? You will need to check the lease, it would be a miracle if we could advise without seeing the lease.


        Ok thanks


          Usually what's being leased is the pitch, not the mobile home itself.
          And a) the lease normally precludes what you're suggesting and b) it's very difficult to meet the regulatory requirements of a residential let (EPC and EICR would probably be issues)
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            Originally posted by Boab View Post
            I’m considering buying two park homes and letting out one to pay the running costs on both while I live in the other one.
            Have a look at this thread before you act.


              I am curious as to what a 'full lifelong freehold tenure' is


                I was going to buy a Mobile Home on a site which allows owners to rent them out.
                The one I was going to buy was in a really good setting and would have taken a good photograph for advertising purposes.
                There were two reasons I did not buy.
                1. After talking to other owners on the site they said that the owner of the site often once a Mobile Home was sold then moved the Home to another part of the site which was not as good, and the ability to do that was included in the terms & conditions in the lease.
                2. I was interested in how old the Mobile Home actually was a apparently when you buy a Mobile Home/Lodge etc off a Site Owner they either deliberately remove the Date of Manufacture Plate off the chassis, or ask the manufacturer not to put it on.
                (a bit like when you buy a new car, it could be 4 years old but the Registration Document says "New at date of first registration")
                This Mobile Home was supposed to be New. Trawling through the internet I found that they had started advertising this specific Mobile Home 3 years before. So for 3 years it had sat out in the rain, sun and snow for 3 years.
                And apparently although it had a 10 year guarantee it was off the site owner rather than the manufacturer.
                So, for me its a question of asking questions and going on Park Homes Forums.


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