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    Moving out issues with property

    thanks in advance for reading this. Some help/advice will be much appriciated.

    I am currently living in a property with 6 more months left in the contract.
    Now the issue is thatnon the last property inspection 6 months ago i raised a few issues with the property one of them being water damage in the toilet. ( nothing happent) Now since then i put the issue on the agents maintenance portal (nothing happent) send them an email ( they had an inspection but nothing happent and they guy who did the inspection said yes there is a problem we going to send them a price to fix it). Now i send an other email saying that this is my 30days notice and payed the rent and i got a responce from them saying that we are sorry for not doing anything we thought it was resolved and if u want to go we need to follow the contract ie 2 months notice and loose deposit and additional fees for re advertasing etc etc etc or basicaly we go to court.

    Any advice as i feel that they know thet messed up and now i feel like they milking it to get more money from me.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. i want to go as i am leaving the country for personal reasons. Which means i dont have a job in UK any more.

    You still have 6 months left on your contract which you are obliged to honour unless your landlord agrees to let you surrender the tenancy early.

    You have given notice to leave and they haven't accepted that.

    They want to keep the deposit because you want to leave before the end of your agreed contract, and they are asking for re-advertising fees.

    Yes, they have messed up but they are not milking you for money. Quite the opposite. You want to break your 12 month tenancy to which you have agreed.

    The issue now is not the toilet problem, but that you want to leave because of personal reasons.

    You need to come clean with the landlord and ask to surrender your tenancy giving X month(s) notice and agreeing to give them your deposit. You need to hope they accept this. You don't want the additional costs of court fees or international tracing.

    As a landlord I would accept your tenancy surrender and deposit to end the tenancy so your landlord might do so too.


      Thanks for the reply Berlingogirl.

      Think its a bit unfair on the tenants then. As i been in the property for 4 years. Always pay on time never done any damage to tge property etc etc. And the agency ( as i am possitive that the landlord is not aware of the problems) can ignore u for so long and say i sorry. But when the tenants wants to go they go by the book.


        If you're leaving the country with no plans to return, then there is probably little the agent can do if you just refuse to pay. Its not good practice, but if you're desperate.....


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