Council wants to do HHSRS

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    Council wants to do HHSRS

    The tenant has complained about a number of issues. However, at the same time has blocked visits. The kitchen was refurbished three years ago, but it making complaints.

    The council officer is aware of difficulties and was even asked to arrange appointments to carry out gas check etc.... There are still some remaining works to do, but the builder had difficulties.

    The council offer had written a letter previously. Now they have proceeded to do a HHSRS, which I am not happy about. It is one thing about doing an informal visit and speaking to the tenant, but another to do a HHSRS. In their letter, they say they will charge for notices etc... It is n't a situation I have been in.

    Another landlord, had a similar situation, where they had a repair issues, but the tenant blocked access, but they did n't do an HHSRS.

    The agents tried to increase the rent, but they will not pay that either.

    The tenant is on benefits. We suspect, they are trying to make a play for social housing.

    Frustrated with these tenants.

    Surely if your property is up to standard then you have no worries about passing a HHSRS.

    However if there are risks or hazards that will not pass HHSRS then the tenant has every right to complain, and the council has a responsibility to carry out the HHSRS.

    TBH from your post it sounds as if the council have acted informally in the first instance, by letter.
    It now seems that they are not happy with your response/actions in light of that informal letter, and so they are now moving things up a step.


      I suspect the tenant has raised some issues with the council, but not with you.

      I agree with nukecad if your property is ok there's nothing to worry about.


        Councils have right to do these surveys acting on a variety of sources of information. Simply communicate calmly and politely with both council and tenant.

        If there was a genuine problem with any of my properties that such a survey raised I'd be pleased to hear for both my benefit and tenant's. If you are confident your property is fine then nowt to worry about.
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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