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    It is not for you to contact Taylor Wimpey. Their obligation is to the housing association, not you. By contacting them, you are muddying the water. My gut feeling is that is a standard tenancy agreement which should have been altered.

    My niece lives in a HA property and has the same clause. However, she has a top floor flat. Her tenancy agreement excludes the loft. She does not have an access hatch. The access hatch to the loft is outside in a communal hallway and it is padlocked securely shut.

    If you was not permitted to store things in your loft, I am sure there would be no open access for you.

    In regards to who pays for damages, I guess you claim off of your insurance.


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    • Reply to Landlord demanding improvements
      by Jon66
      When there are issues surrounding communication between landlord and tenant, the best approach is to say put it in an email and we'll respond accordingly. Refuse to enter into a discussion. Your answer should always be put it in an email.

      Just for future reference, when you have an inspection...
      22-06-2021, 22:37 PM
    • Landlord demanding improvements
      by insideoutcroissant
      We are the tenants, we’re in England on rolling tenancy after 12 month AST. We’ve been here almost 2 years. We pay a not insignificant amount in rent (over 20k pa). Apologies this will be long. *edit to add we’ve never ever paid late.

      Since day 1, the letting agents have treated...
      22-06-2021, 15:01 PM
    • Reply to County Court Bailiffs 1 June
      by Perce
      Hello All

      My tenant declared he feels unwell that is why he is not looking for another accommodation. What happens if bailiffs come and he will say he feels unwell ? I think I will have a problem with him on the day of the eviction. He won’t move. He decided that because he feels unwell...
      22-06-2021, 21:30 PM
    • County Court Bailiffs 1 June
      by Perce

      I have a warrant for repossession, the ban is over tomorrow. How long does it take to hear from the County Court Bailiffs ? 1 week ? 1 month? What is the process ?...
      31-05-2021, 11:30 AM
    • Reply to Tenant requesting rebate of rent after section 21
      by ash72
      Tell the T you will pay the 11days if they pay your 2months rent.... I'm sure the T wont bother. Just be glad you didn't have to pursue the matter through the court etc, and move onto with the next T.
      22-06-2021, 21:24 PM
    • Tenant requesting rebate of rent after section 21
      by Redrufus63
      Can you help. I served a section 21 which finished in April however tenant didn't move out until 2 months later. She didn't give me notice in any way b4 she lefy and told me eventually she was moving out 2 weeks b4 she went. She is now saying I owe her a rent refund for the 11 days when she wasn't there...
      22-06-2021, 19:57 PM
    • Reply to Section 21 Notice only or S8 also
      by buffalo747
      ash72.....It's only recently I found out I'm covered for legal expenses and yet to send information that my paperwork over the last 15 years is all in order for them to represent me in pursueing the matter and not for them to reimburse me for the loss of rent. I have until October before I can do anything...
      22-06-2021, 20:43 PM
    • Section 21 Notice only or S8 also
      by buffalo747
      Two weeks ago I issued my tenant with a S21 notice allowing just over 4 months to vacate. The tenant is already nearly three months in arrears and if I have to apply to the court for possession then baliffs perhaps, the tenants debt could easily be over £10K. The NRLA advice said that rather than issue...
      22-06-2021, 13:00 PM
    • Reply to Landlord demanding improvements
      by mokka
      A landlord demanding improvements bugger me lol...
      22-06-2021, 20:39 PM
    • Reply to Landlord demanding improvements
      by ash72
      If the property is in poor condition, T's now have the right to move without any fees, your on a Periodic tenancy I would had in my notice and find a better property/agent. There are plenty out there so the choice is yours....
      22-06-2021, 18:07 PM