How best to serve a section 21 (6a) document?

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    How best to serve a section 21 (6a) document?

    Hi all

    First time serving a section 21 notice.

    Been reading online and seems to be mixed responses about the best way to serve it.

    I initially thought recorded or special delivery would be the best as it is tracked however if it's not received it can be deemed as not served.

    So from what I've read, the best bet seems to be sending regular first class and then obtaining proof of postage. It is then deemed to have been delivered 2 days after.

    Can someone please confirm if that is the case.

    I also don't mind hand delivering it but then it seems I need to have a witness with me and I don't really want to inconvenience anyone else.

    Post, free certificate of postage, from two different post offices

    By all means hand deliver also, take pics.

    But tenant might (understandably) get p++d off.

    What does tenancy say about how notices may be served? Mention email?
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Good point about two different post offices. I'll ensure to do that.

      No it doesn't mention email, just that it can be left or delivered in writing to the address.


        Service is governed by the CPR and practice directions. Easy to look up if you Google CPR rules. I think its 6. It is perfectly ok to hand deliver making a note of date and time and confirming this in a sworn witness statement, although I also get a photo too where possible. Otherwise through the post with confirmation of posting. I also photograph the envelope to show the address when using the post.


          Originally posted by Jon66 View Post
          I also photograph the envelope to show the address when using the post.
          Good advice!


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