Sink blocked for almost 3 weeks

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    Originally posted by royw View Post
    Could you agree with your LL to get a plumber out on the basis that if you blocked it you pay but if it's a structural problem he will?
    The landlord/agent has had a plumber look at it (as I've mentioned previously). The plumber said it needs more attention than just pouring some unblocker down it.


      Originally posted by JK0 View Post
      Obviously needs taking apart. I suspect your landlord has no intention of doing that, as he considers the problem to be your fault. I suggest you take photos of all the pipework so you have a guide for reassembly, then don the rubber gloves and get busy.
      I've taken apart the bits under the sink and cleaned them out etc, the problem seems to be further down the line, I'm not willing to get involved with that unfortunately.


        I think you're right sushi. Keep at them. Perhaps ask them if you should call the Council. That might scare them into action.


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